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So glad to have you with us in ninety minutes news lots come in here on. NFL average getting started one of the biggest stories of the off season revolves around a new deal for Jack. Clock DOC is ticking on signing Prescott a long term contract extension after all. They need him in the mix right from the jump to learn. Mike McCarthy's offensive system. Yesterday yesterday cowboys Vice President Steven Jones said of Dak St L.. We want to get this done. Things are fixing the heat up. WanNa put every foot forward and try to grind this Out and get a deal done. All of that sounds urgent. It is as we dive into the NFL. Live Notebook Dan. What can you tell us about getting a deal done? They tried to get a deal done last summer. They weren't able to get to his number. He was willing to play out the season on a two million dollar contract. And so that no good for him. Leverage average might shift towards him a little bit but the leverage the cowboys have is they can put the franchise tag on him if they can't get a deal done by March eighteen. They can keep him off the market so he knows that and they we know that and they'll continue to work toward a deal but make them very highly paid quarterback once it gets done. The question is when and whether they have to go through the process of that franchise tag to get there. And then when you franchise somebody we've seen a year in year out. There becomes maybe a little bit of tension between them the Knicks team. You want him to be there for OTAS and minicamp. You don't want him to sit. Is it out. So it's GonNa be interesting moving forward if they do use that franchise tag because guess. What as a quarterback that is the franchise quarterback for that team? He wants to be paid. So it'll be interesting to see what happens moving forward. I don't think the franchise tag necessarily is a good thing for the relationship between deck and the and the cowboys don't often see the quarterback hold out though it'd it'd be kind of unprecedented and I think the cowboys might be counting on that a little bit or at least maybe wanting to see if he's willing to go that far before they go ahead and bridge that gap what a setback back would be a big deal next topic. NFL PA held a meeting yesterday. Talk about a new. CBA What are you hearing about that. Look they're in serious. Talks is a proposal on the table that the owners and players have worked on for about eight nine months now and it involves seventeen or the ability of the owners to expand the season season from sixteen games to seventeen games at some point over the life of the deal. Players met yesterday try and discuss whether they would go for this. There are players who have been publicly outspoken about the seventeen eighteen games. It's something they do not want to do under any circumstances so what they had to figure out yesterday and what they have to figure out an upcoming meetings. Is there something we can go back to the owners and ask fourth forth. That might make it worth it then might justify seventeen games at some point is it. Is it increased. Share revenue is improvements in off season program requirements. These the discussions the players are having whether they wanna go for this or not if they decide seventeen games a non starter then the whole thing could go back to square one but if they decided something they can work with if they're getting enough other stuff in the deal and we could have something done in the next few weeks months if they add another game they're gonNA have to add to the roster. I mean that's my take on this thing. You can't have had fifty three guys. You gotta go to sixty you gotTA help the team. As far as injuries are concerned. So I remember the lockout even though we didn't have a lockout but the last TV there is a potential lockout and owners understand that they have the upper hand here with the whole discussion here. The players don't WanNa have a lockout the owner's lockout so there's going to have to be some give and take here and I do not think that adding a game is going to help the players situation. I know they want to add the revenue into that but at the same time we've seen it year in year out guys get injured. That's her career so I don't think adding game is going to help. A player at all. Clock is ticking. A little bit on this because both sides want it done before the start of the league year because their stuff in the deal that they both want to be able to take advantage of. That would be new rules governing the off season so they can't get it done by then then I think things might slide into next off season and nobody wants that now. Also also in the News Ram Safety. Eric announced his retirement after thirteen years. How does this impact? LA's plans this off season. They brought in Weta last year because they needed needed to replace some veteran leadership that was going out the door the replacement for him. My understanding is that it's GonNa be Taylor rap. who was a rookie last year? And I think you know. They're gonNA go young in the secondary secondary when they traded for Jalen Ramsey last season. I remember talking to rams GM and talking about how much it was going to cost assigned Jalen Ramsey. And he said this is the kind of player you you do pay him and then he he can kind of go with lesser cost options younger options in the secondary because he makes everybody that much better. So we're going to start to see them. Start to count on on that and I doubt they'll go out and sign a veteran to replace Eric Weddell yet look the stats speak for themselves. Two hundred ten games thirteen years six time pro bowler beard beard out. I mean he got me beat right now. He had a great beer to his luxury. Looked beautiful luxurious. Look I played with Stephen Gregory and they played together other with the chargers and he would always tell me that he was like the quarterback on the football field for that defense so he was always smart in the right position in the right place getting everybody lined up so you're definitely going to lose some of that leadership the rams are because of the fact that when you have a guy out there that is always in the right place at the right time and when I said two hundred ten games played you can count on his reliability to be there. I think that that is very important when you have a leader on the football team so not only leave but beyond the football field. I'm not missing games due to injury and he's been very very reliable endurable his career beard out there leader and each spot yeah Hashtag. You didn't do beard. Beard trimmed it for him his to never as curry. How do you judge someone not by what they say by what they do? We're a nation of doers. What's Mike Bloomberg about doing things? A middle class kid worked his way through college and Entrepreneur Bloomberg longer built a global news and information business from scratch mayor of a diverse progressive city. Mike Bloomberg rebuilt after nine eleven. Creating nearly five hundred thousand jobs ops improving health care and public schools. Now he's running for President and Mike's the change from chaos to steady leadership from lies to someone who believes in facts and data from divisiveness to someone who builds teams nurtures good ideas and hold himself accountable for results might Bloomberg the knows how to lead to build to deliver to do. He'll win and unite this country Mike. We'll get things done. I'm Mike Bloomberg candidate for president. And I I approve this message because we need to deliver on the promise of the American Dream Paid for by Mike Bloomberg Twenty twenty this is the XFL overtime this is about edge of your seat. Game-ending action you see. There's no coin toss no one possession wins and no ties instead. XFL XFL overtime shootout. The best players on both sides always determine who wins the game. H offense gets up to five one play possessions possessions to score from the five yard line teams get two points for each successful. Conversion teams alternate plays until one team is mathematically eliminated.

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