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Welcome back di role for infertility cats until you cast today of the many reactions to the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis not usually the reactions of been widespread very severe we've seen riots protests seen some peaceful protest we've seen many of them devolved into mayhem with businesses being burnt property being destroyed people getting hurt but of all the reactions we've seen some folks in government at all levels of government including Congress but if the state and local level they're looking at police reform quote unquote we forming police activities in this country I look profession including mine a lawyer on the fires okay can our professions be made made better to maybe improve well sure in law enforcement certainly would be included in that order better standards we can apply those are better training we can all is there more analysis done or higher standards imposed for hiring and maintaining people as police officers are there any number of things we can look at to make sure there we avoid the next Derek Chauvin the police officer involved in the killing of George Floyd of reading people like that out from police departments other improvements to be made we think can be improved the special you're talking about anything involving humans and human discretion an individual's generally you're gonna have flawed individuals in any given profession no matter what that might be and where you have hundreds of thousands or even millions beyond police officers in this country we're gonna have some flawed individuals of course so are the reforms to be made other improvements to be had I'm sure there are these some proposals being called de funding the police and you see demonstrators holding those signs up you've heard politicians at all levels state local federal saying yes we're gonna D. phoned the police and then the extreme potential reaction which is actually dismantling police departments completely the city council Minneapolis says they have a veto proof majority on the city council to dismantle the Minneapolis police department entirely and replace it and this is a call to stuck in my mind to replace it with a transformative system of public safety we're gonna replace the cops was something what that means exactly what that is comprised of we don't know but a transformative system of public safety that doesn't involve cops okay I'm here with that is I want to get into more detail let's start first with this concept of defunding police what does that mean exactly so that's short of dismantling police department so we're gonna have cops was gonna defund this is purely punitive to me it is sounds purely retaliatory were mad over the death of George Ford what appears to be a murder was certainly alleged to be a murder children's accuse of second degree murder anybody who watch the video in my mind I've not heard anybody say they watch that video and didn't see it as a crime there may be a debate as to what level of crime it is murder or something less but there's no debate that was inappropriate that was excessive and it was criminal so we're mad about that we've we've combined that with other instances some real some nearly perceived some that are out now fabrications I keep seeing names thrown around like Michael brown person was killed in Ferguson say here's another innocent person killed by racist police hold on Obama's justice department there were holder as Attorney General investigated the Ferguson situation and the death of Michael brown Eric holder's justice department investigated that and they determined that hands up don't shoot was a fabrication it never happened it was a lie Michael brown never put his hands up and say don't shoot the fabrication of a lie sparking riots and destruction of businesses and violence all over the St Louis area including Ferguson there was a lot high he was always a lie intercoolers justice department established it was all yeah we have Michael brown being thrown around as a martyr in the broader discussion of systemic racism within police departments in the murder of innocent minorities Michael brown attacked a police officer he had just been involved in a strong arm robbery a police officer was investigating he charges that officer tried to control the officer's gun the officer defended himself and Michael brown died that's what Eric holder's justice department determined don't take my word for it take the Obama administration's justice department work for so okay so were you were upset about what I think is a clear case of criminal activity the death of George Floyd but now we're gonna generalize where throw in some other alleged political murders that clearly weren't Michael brown being a leading example but okay we understand that there are reforms that can be made in some cases reforms that should be may we did we doubt racism where it does exist we'd get rid of those officers who are involved in misconduct we need to make sure that the community at large can respect and not have to fear its own police department that's all true those away mobile lens does rival German objectives that we ought to be pursuing at every level will be weeding out the bad cops no question you know who would be the first person to tell you we need to do a better job of weeding out the bad cops cops I know what it costs I train will accomplish you with all and they are as angry and frustrated by misconduct they see around them it's a lot more limited than what it's alleged to be but when they see it they hate it because they know it taints their whole profession and it certainly takes their department it's a bad cop more than a good.

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