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Ninety nine and Dexter. Another change is the creation of a bus only lane on the Spokane street viaduct as eastbound drivers approach the fourth avenue, exit crews reading temporary right turn lane to help. Traffic flow out of the tunnel. When it opens in early February Dr. I will eventually pay tolls in the new highway ninety nine tunnel. But what about the streets in downtown Seattle? One state lawmaker wants to end any talk of so called congestion pricing. Seattle mayor Jenny durken proposed the idea last year to help cut down on traffic in the city's core. Democratic Senator Tim Sheldon's new Bill would ban cities and counties from imposing any traffic. Tolls. Reserving that power for the state legislature. And the new tunnel isn't even open yet and already lawsuits are pending over the construction delays in the cost overruns yesterday. Judges listened to oral arguments to see who will pay Seattle tunnel partners wants to sue the state for failing to properly. Explain ahead of time that there could be underground obstructions like the metal pipe that halted the tunnel boring machine in two thousand thirteen KOMO news time five thirty four. Let's check throats. Our AAA traffic update with Kierra Jordan. We are going to start with good news in Seattle are crash that was on the ramp that was blocking southbound I five to eastbound five twenty. It's now been cleared. The ramp has been reopened as far as I can tell we're not seeing any delays in that area. Now, we do still have a serious. Rush. In puyallup. This Meridian at thirty. I in Meridian is currently closed. Our northbound traffic that stacked up from thirty nine the southbound direction. It's not looking as bad because people are hopping off earlier you can use ninety four that will help you travel through that area. We have a crash on the shoulder northbound I five at Tacoma road as now a busy drive between city centre and that crash, and then you'll find slow going as you're traveling through Federal Way toward Kent Des Moines road a little bit of crowding starting to form in the seatac area as well. And then northbound one six seven that is getting heavy out of Puyallup to about Jovita boulevard, and then you'll be finding extra company off and on from highway eighteen seventy seven and then back at those slowdowns again from one hundred and eighty at the four oh five are next. Komo traffic at five forty four..

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