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She's the top seed there. I've people have commented that she's got a Russian player, Potter pover in the first round. So it providing a sort of a very emotional backdrop to that match and then Layla Fernández is the second seed, but Sloane Stephens also in action. So hopefully she can continue her form from this week and get some wins here as well under her belt. Yeah, I think Sloane Stephens, you know, she's in a good, good groove at the moment. So, you know, she could potentially face Fernández in the quarterfinals, so that could be quite an interesting part of the draw. Is there, so maybe she will get back to her three set of ways in Monterey, but yeah, I think just generally going forward, we're going to be looking at Russian players, Ukrainian players and seeing kind of how they handle this on a court and for svitolina, who, again, has not really had a great start to the season. I'm amazed that she's still the number one seed if I'm being quite Frank. But it adds a new dimension and who knows who knows what way it might go in terms of that emotion, but it will be certainly fascinating to see how that plays out, but I hope yeah, I hope we don't get any sort of protests or any sort of thing that happens during this heightened kind of moment. Certainly feels like it's obviously very fresh in people's minds and any sort of Ukraine versus Russia match up in sport I think is going to have just sort of extra extra eyeballs on it and a Potter even though what two months ago that might have been a match that would have been on a maybe on an outside court or it would have been televised or whatever just gone on like a regular match. Now it just has a lot of, it feels like it just has a lot of significant meaning, doesn't it? Yeah, and I think in Leon as well, everyone will be sort of looking towards your who's managed to get a wild card so I don't know how emotionally she will be on a tennis court. I wish her all the best and wish her well, but it must be hard to focus on tennis when your family are back in Ukraine and all of this is going on. So yeah, there's certainly. It will, I'm sure impact on various players, performances, Camila Georgia is the top seed at this event castella is the second seed. So yeah, I notice Ali's corneille has lost already today. So her good start of the year has taken a bit of a dip already. She sort of going back to old ways. Maybe she will retire now. I mean, that bottom half of that drawer is very, very open. All the qualifiers, all 6 qualifiers are in that bottom of, I believe, actually, Katie balter also qualified, so good on her for getting into the main draw. Defending champion Clara torsen is not there. So I wouldn't be surprised Kim, if we have a first time another first time WTA champion here, it feels very, very open and Georgie and castella as your top two seeds. We both know both those players could be very erratic at the best of times, so for them to both get to the final feels far from a far from a certainty. I'm going to pluck Anna congee out of the list and say she's going to win. 6th seed Croatian. But I'm quite intrigued to see what Caroline Garcia might be able to do. She knows she beat Halep last week. She's got her in the first round. So, and I think this is pretty much her home tournament, Leon. So I sure wish her well and on that note, Joel, I think it is time for us to bring today's blockbuster episode to a close. Yes, listen, I hope you enjoyed listening to this latest catch up from the passing shot. Remember to subscribe to us on whatever device you listen to us on to stay up to date in the tennis world. We are on Apple podcasts Spotify and all good podcasting platforms out there. You can also listen to us on the download tennis dot com app. And if you like what you're hearing, then make sure to leave us a rating and comment on Apple podcasts or Spotify. And you can follow us on social media. We are on Facebook Instagram and Twitter at passing shot pod. So do give us a like and a follow if you don't already. And you can contact us on all those platforms, send in your messages for the mailbag and any feedback and comments that.

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