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Yeah i distracted you detracted you too much still in the learning to throw us off the trail john g trump wrote and published papers that the last decade of tesla's life were quote primarily a speculative phila- salt philosophical and somewhat promotional character and quote so then give john trump anything solidly scientific to work with but i'm saying that if the government discovered the secrets of death rays at time travel which is what tesla was working on when he died they aren't likely to publish that and they're probably more likely to have a scientific spokesperson effectively call it all comes while up so we're we're going to go spirit to'real right let's just go there to that it existed right it's more like the cover up my my only thought about a death ray is i think it would've already come out we've already dropped atomic bombs sure i really think unless a death-ray is more devastating than atomic bomb i doubt that i doubt that we actually have but hey who's to say time travel spiracy we're going with the conspiracy that's all right we're going for it we're going let's do it the trump has a time traveller camp also points to the fact that so many of his obama era tweets seem to relate to to affectively things he's actually doing as president which contradicts church for instance in november two thousand thirteen he tweeted quote i truly believe that our country has the worst dumbest negotiators of actually any country in the world and quote i just remind everyone that we just ended the longest shutdown in u._s. history because of possibly the worst dumbest negotiator world yeah i just want to remind you about or the sweating from june of two thousand fifteen quote our country is a major crisis of incompetent leadership we cannot continue to go on with these politicians who do nothing but talk and quote jude two thousand fifteen yeah yep or this one from august of two thousand thirteen quote be prepared there is a small chance that are horrendous leadership could unknowingly lead us to world war three and quote oh we thought that was gonna happen a few times when presidency started yeah we did this is my personal favorite is from june of two dozen fourteen quote are you allowed to impeach president for gross incompetence the time traveller tweeting about himself yep i i'm not in the the i don't want to upset our viewers i don't care we didn't care about the next day we don't care about this okay okay and of children's books about an egotistical baron and a few time bending tweets aren't enough for you hang onto your tin foil hats here we go in eighteen ninety six ingersoll lockwood publishes another book this time it's not a children's book about barron trump and his dog but a book titled nineteen hundred or the last president oh the book is written as a historian is explaining how the united states collapsed and the words i read in the beginning of the podcast for the very first page of the last president i want to read just a tiny snippet from a couple of pages later i didn't wanna read like all three pages this tiny little thing quote the fifth avenue hotel will be the first to feel the fury of the mob with the troops being time to save it i'm in my supposed to get something out of that trump tower on fifth avenue i don't know that you don't know the why would i know that why do i care trump tower trump moves on to new york city wow and then later in the book the new president appoints a man by the name last name of pence to the cabinet no yeah really yeah he's like the secretary of agriculture which is a far cry from being the vice president i mean yeah wow so obviously this makes all sorts of people draw spooky connections i think the book is a warning about trump as president and upon first reading that first page you do think it's kind of parallels the people protesting in two thousand sixteen in early two thousand seventeen upon trump's win in subsequent inauguration because they're like oh they're being led by the socialists anarchists right like that's totally the kind of thing was being talked about but i happen to think that people who stick with that idea are lacking reading comprehension or didn't bother to read any further and lucky for you guys i did the reading for you it's dry it's horrible you don't wanna read it but i did it for you okay i'm gonna explain something to you sure sure so the person who wins president known only as brian is a populist and he appeals to quote common people and trump did this too but that's where the parallel stops it ends in fact brian runs on a socialist platform and trump is about as anti-socialist as it gets and brian does away with the gold standard creates social welfare programs to house the homeless poor so if anything in my opinion the book parallels f._d._r.'s presidency fluently would have to hearted okay not trump's at all and at the end there seems to be the possibility of a civil war between the north and south again and the speaker of the house tells the president he must resign he starts to make a speech sway people to site again like he like he's described so many times in the book as god like like people just love him like fall at his feet and so everybody is mad at him because of this potential civil war and then he starts to talk to the people and people are like oh no he's got like and then the capital explodes just explodes there with dynamite oh we just feel full of dynamite and blow it up on the end avenue but that's all folks

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