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Brooklyn New York for this one part of the fight card will be on ESPN. That's the lead into ESPN plus trying to get some Scribner's. In this, particular instance, will Muhammad will be on the ESPN plus portion of the card. He's on the hotline right now with sub allow how you doing welcome back to video. Good. My man, you're on with George goes. And Dan, we also have fellow you have see welterweight Curtis Melander in here with us as well. We're really really pumped up about your fight. You know, we're we're pumped up about the ESPN era where pumped up about the chant champ fight. But welterweight has really been the theme this week with all the stuff going on with Woodley who's mon- and Covington yesterday we had MAs Vidal on the show today. We are Melander co-hosting and Vallone Muhammad. So I'm really really pumped up about one hundred seventy and we were just discussing that that fight between you and Jeff Neal's can be a really really awesome fight, man. I hope a lot of people. Tune in for that. Russell as what Ty right now. I think that's like one of the most exciting divisions in the right now like there's so many good guys into division where like to make many great neck of and doesn't was like five or guys that are like on more than three five four winning streak. And you ain't lying. Yeah. That's why straight land. It's like that business. Really good. But so crazy that a lot of these guys afraid to fight each other before you get the Longa long winning streak another one long when she wants to say like it usually died, but winning she's fighting each other better. But you know, like. The people like everybody all upset. They didn't get pedal shot over youth. My but. But you're saying, oh, I was healthy. And March healthy for move, amber. We'll be with her, and I'm like your so called champ. Like, you say, you are then why didn't you what's who's mon- on the other get? You get the death by. Do all that. Be about it. All right. Hey, man. I like that. Now, let it be known. Of course that belong Muhammed is a teammate of. Tyron Woodley, you're feeling a little bit of a little bit of an interest there to Sam just setting the table there. But but I hear what you're saying Koby Covington. Appears from what we hearing was turning down a few opportunities that were outside of Woodley. And the reason is because I wanted to unify when he couldn't unify he at least wanted that coveted spot who knows, but it is a very very interesting division. You got Edwards Sironi, Nelson Mazda, all you to Magny Damian, Maya Santiago, puns an ego. Robbie Lawler Assange, Stephen Thompson der Intel if he stays there. I don't know if you. And those are the Ben aspirins has been added. That's insane. Man. Yeah. Bend your teammate to. Yeah. Okay. So you guys are pretty stacked over there. One seventy. Another. Some guys moving around. Did they get encamping time to to assist you at all? Did they get into their camps in time to assist you at all for this camp? Where were you a little more ice elated? Well, already can't play like we just had a whole bunch of guy coming off like the like I was hoping bunch of arguing for USC Milwaukee cards. Our do our 'cause we have a it's not a huge, Jim. There's good quality guys that are wholly and help you out, and they're not the type that they caught they're gonna take off by six like that. They know you have a play. They're going to go there. It's like a family where you know. We gotta help you no matter what. So that's what I love about this air. Now like one of those big guys like one every be like too much something like that. Or only when they have like everybody's gonna Jim all the time of the year. So everybody's always working helping to. That said you were just in Lewis Taylor's corner for the PF L. I wanted. I wanted to ask you a question we had Valentina Shinko in here about two weeks ago..

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