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Is is. It's simplistic to say that. These ideas with regard to cultural appropriation and cancel culture. That it's basically cultural marxism that that. It's it's left to the point of marxism well. Yes i think. Marxism has been so watered down but part of it is i think people. I think that internationalism is must be better than nationalism will. Of course it's the office and it depends. What kind of nationalism. We're talking about national socialist. Nationalism or a healthy kind of nationalist when you had your hassani on one of your programs if i'm not mistaken which is his idea sure. Healthy nationalism is what we're always hopefully talking about. But i mean white nationalism. Like when you talked about you know what are the what what. What are the english going to do with the jews that comes this. What kind of nationalism are we going to have a liberal open. Nationalism that still nationalism. That's still celebrates a certain body of ideas or are we going to be tribal ethnic nationalists. Which is what happens if you you kick the jews out but right now. We don't even have a conversation. About what kind of nationalism are we talking about. It's just all derided as Ethnic nationalism as white nationalism and globalism is touted as some great idea. When i would just say it's simply not well american nationalism. I would hope american. Patriotism in american nationalism is a very very healthy phenomenon and The more one knows about america. I think Really the roots of america. And what i discovered only when i came to this country the federalist papers enough to keep you going for lifetime Genius

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