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Welcome to the Bravo clubhouse for the podcast edition of Watch what happens live with me. Andy Cohen UH in Hustler. She takes men to the cleaners and she thinks Karen's perfume made for seniors. Hello Brian and Kiki baller now sort of drive. I am your host. Andy Cohen live in the Bravo clubhouse following a potomac reunion where or you could cut the tension with a butter knife tonight. We learned that my first guest shade trainers running on time to which I say all aboard for the real how size of atomic l. mcleese welcome Giselle Brian between singing acting and hosting my my next guest does it all thanks needs to her. Latest film roles she can add bumping and grinding to the less her new movie. Hustler's is in theater now. Welcome Kiki Palmer. He congratulations hustlers is a massive hit very exciting and we have so much to talk about and I know you are a huge huge for Tomac fans but it's great that you're here tonight of all nights behind the bar. She's not only the queen of weather. She's also a clubhouse. VIP It is chief meteorologist urologists for WNBA Miss Janet's off. What do you see coming out of Potomac. Do you have the forecast for I actually do have a forecast a union. There's some major drama going on down with flying all over the place and la dom perfume showers hours and excessive drama. God the lack of the love you okay. The ladies of Potomac were all lovely and white tonight tonight that brings us to our first poll go to W. W. H. L. Dot TV. We WanNa know who has the best reunion. Look put that slide backup Monique Karen Karen Ashley Giselle Candice or Robin. Who Do you think Kikkan had the best look you know. I don't like the pitting putting because everybody looks lovely. I would say that I would most wear it'd be the one candice is wearing okay. Everybody anybody look interesting. Looks like the viewers are really going between Monique and you all. It's going really back back in and it looks like Monique has got it alright. Karen confirmed that she is officially back in Potomac. Something still feels a little odd about it. Take a look. I hear you have made the move and you live back in Potomac. Drawn has returned to claim her territory absolutely. Did you buy a home or are you renting. We're considering all options right now. Ray and I are still adjusting so your rent challenges. I N unleasing with the option same furniture's the great falls house pets because I I just want to get all the answers. No thank you. I appreciate trying to clear it up. Okay the question is did we get all the answers go back to. WWAFL DOT ON TV is Karen still hiding something about our living arrangements yes or no. What do you think now leasing option went option alright all right. looks like you guys are saying. Yes to this question by the way speaking and candice. His mom brought the purse the reunion she said that candice backed into it or again. Take candice is going to be here tomorrow and I'm going to break that down with her all about clear mom. What did you make of Vermont's of here. Kansas face hit her purse. You get her breasts over. RUN MARRIED TO MEDICINE QUAD is rocking short blond look. What are you ladies. Think about this looking. Yes yeah that's okay. We like it Contessa. Maybe back in school but it's her husband. Scott who seems intent on schooling her watch this. I decided to go back to school in Nashville and I would love to be surgeon. General of the United States Davies a couple of days a week and warden that hey you know it's a lot I mean you know. I told you the best plan. Willie really would've been for all of us to go to Nashville. You made the decision that we made the decision work. My ass off and you ain't appreciate. I appreciate that some Tonto yourself because you need to go study right now probably right. Okay Okay folks just a reminder that watch what happens live has been nominated for a people's choice twenty nineteen..

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