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Watching it to talk about it on the hot yet that's watch. You can watch one episode in give your thoughts on it. Because if you see the first episode you basis in all, there is a great moment in the first episode. I won't spoil it but there's a good moment in the first. So here's what I'm GONNA do not. Listeners you can hold me accountable next week. I will have listened. Would've watched the first episode. And I'll talk about the next episode of happily ever after. But then at the end I'll give my thoughts on the Darcy Stacey and I'll give a rex. Or non recommendation bump on whether or not we should look at it further. Yeah you gotta give it at least a little shout for the podcast. What I'M GONNA end up giving a show right now is I'm going to give another opportunity for us to talk about this couple. And that's someone who we didn't get to talk about last week. It's time and Sinjin Jason. Last, we left Tanya engine they had gone they had the Family Bri Aka the barbecue and it got tents got awkward. There was yelling the couple was not happy Tanya storms out of the room she starts eating steak in the bedroom. Do what you WanNa do it's all cool with me. But now Tania Singer are taking his family over the winelands in south. Africa have a good night. Good time. And of like try and move past what happened that night now The stepdad is the biggest thing for me. I don't WanNa talk about right out the gate because the dad is very much like. In actually not just the stuff that you know let's keep it real everybody in the country of South Africa is behind Sinjin and support Sinjin. And left Tanya on this island tiny needs to be patient needs to have a garden in front of what she says she needs to calm she needs to be. Accepting and I feel them on some of that. But. Let's be real here since June also needs to grow up because I have been the Sinjin. If anything I kind of came moved here as the Sinjin of like. Okay. So these responsibilities now okay cool. I. Got These these snap. I'm not doing a good job on a little bit over Wyoming a little bit but you know you know as part of the growth you've got to keep doing it. You gotta like move through none of this God. The walls are caving around me. I'm having such a hard time I feel like my freedoms you committed you make this decision it's done slow on like power through it. If love the person just power through it. So it's very frustrating for me to even go through this engine storyline without getting irritated about that, and like Tania's no saint know has faults as well like just everybody pilot up on a visitor is just hard for me to see. Why felt kind of staple of the ninety day? You know series the person listen their foreign country is all alone and you know they get ganged up on because again it's another thing where they say culture culture culture kind of feel like you can't really hide behind culture on this because it's he's just being lazy like any. Not Culture, like that's like just a way that you are. 'cause we have plenty of Lazy People here in America we have pudding engines in America..

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