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He predicts that the outcome may hinge on three justices. Brad kavanagh john. Roberts and amy coney barrett. All of whom like spencer worked on bush's team two decades ago in september trump said. He wanted barrett installed on the high court before the election to ensure a full bench to decide election disputes. The big issue of course is how is justice. Barrett going to rule. Spencer says the consequences of the coming legal battles may extend beyond who becomes the next president of the united states. The litigation could test americans confidence in the electoral process. Shake their faith in the judiciary as an impartial arbiter of us law and further an already polarized nation. Make no mistake. Our democracy is being tested in this election. Pennsylvania governor tom. wolf said november fourth. This is a stress test of the ideals upon which this country was founded lawyers for both trump and biden campaigns. Have been preparing for this moment for months with backing from deep pocketed donors as well as the republican and democratic national. Committee's each has amassed an army of top tier lawyers and legal experts who have been deployed at strategic outposts around the country and the months before the election lawyers for various democratic and republican entities filed more than four hundred election related lawsuits putting the twenty twenty race on track to be the most litigated in history. Some of these decisions may have made a post on more likely by narrowing the margin between biden and trump on october twenty six. The supreme court upheld wisconsin's ballot receipt deadline appeals courts similarly ruled in favor of shorter ballot receipt deadlines in georgia and michigan. The supreme court decision in the wisconsin case unquestionably made the margin closer says j. heck executive director of common calls in the state. There are probably thousands of absentee ballots. That will be arriving in the next few days when the deadline was extended during wisconsin's primary this year the state's election commission said it resulted in an additional. Seventy nine thousand ballots being counted the lawsuits have only just begun on november fourth. Bill stepien trump's campaign manager noting the close margins in wisconsin. Called the state recounts territory. There have been reports of irregularities and several wisconsin counties which raise serious doubts about the validity of the results he said pennsylvania is also likely ground zero for coming election related litigation. Experts say the commonwealth's twenty electoral votes. Make it the biggest prize of all the remaining battleground states and its decision to expand access to mail in voting for the first time this election cycle opens the door to lawsuits. The two lawsuits filed by the trump campaign on november. Fourth are likely just the beginning. The state has already been the target of multiple republican back lawsuits with mixed results. In mid september the pennsylvania supreme court ruled that mail in ballots could be accepted through november. Sixth republicans tried twice to get the us supreme court to intervene and while the justices declined to rule they left open the possibility of hearing the case at a later date. If pennsylvania is very close says potter lawsuits are much more likely to occur because both candidates will be fighting over which ballots to count pennsylvania's election officials also recently ordered ballots arriving after.

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