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At least this one uh who pat hogan sb ninety one supporter running against ted leonard now i'm going to give each and every one of them i've had perot in the anti in on the show legislators and i'll give each of them the opportunity to explain themselves but one crime i i believe is the number one issue and i think the data is not lying i mean you can say anecdotally i know all these people but when you go to a pd when you go to the fbi statistics and alaska is the most dangerous state and the new union right now anchorage is off the rails i gotta tell ya i mean what are the odds what are the odds that there is no correlation it's miniscule it's not possible in my opinion but you have these candidates that are going to tell you they are going to have certain soundbites there gonna say was implemented rai they're going to tell you that oh well we did to make a couple of tweets knsb words going to pigs sb ninety one all kinds of little soundbites that they're going to tell you i gotta tell ya if they will not at the end of the day i support the repeal of this crime bill that was foundationally flawed i think i think voters are going to have a hard time that's just might he'll be an energetic primary energy let's go to the bones and chris is on the phone hey chris amy hey we're right back the good news evil thing again now i think he may be onto something in a row and that guy who was on yesterday okay it's only okay tell me tommy the i'm trainer reserve my comments until i have all or you anybody colon so uh a conservative maybe one of those moderate slick anna maccammon i don't know but he when he stole same he co he's a coach words i called pro abortion but i mean that's basically you're saying that you're you're not gonna go along with the basic no foundation of the republican party gould on you know you're basically saying i'm not really one of those guys but i.

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