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Forty five minutes of playing defensive of against the world's best team to me is not an egregious error reassess at halftime came out more attacking. I just don't I just don't understand why that's unusual. The people hate him decided. Yeah but once upon a time there was he had this thing about him where he could sit in a little block and then he would cut you open open and where was it but I also heard this. Also he didn't have a center for. Yeah he's he doesn't have those players but again even even rash for he was able to do something with Cochran rash for that day against KLOPP and get the goals any needed. I different Liverpool today. It's the best team in the world and it's not close okay. So all right. Well I'm not trying to convince you I didn't realize I actually thought we'd have. I thought you'd be a little bit closer to me and how I saw the gamble. No I'm I'm just not ready. Look here's what I'll say like because I know the majority agree with you on this like I said I wouldn't think so the way people feel about Marino I soon I see the things people are saying about him. I've just grown. I feel like this is just too reactionary for me to hate this guy so early on his and I asked you to you do one thing stop seeing hate. Hit The guy that is ridiculous. I in fact his Internet version of his team. I absolutely love it. I'm saying he's been the subject subject of mockery for a for a while. And you know what I said myself. It's being unfair. But we his his just his attitude towards the game now is not in sync with the trends of the game right now and so what. If he's noticing some people say well it. The fact is the problem with him. Be Noticing. Because it's not working anymore and here's what I will say if there is a day then when I agree with that I will say that lay on I will not just universally love him or however it is that I I don't I don't but I'm just saying that like this amount of time coming off of this game against that opponent like it just felt like I I read. Maybe it's because I read Nick Miller's piece at ESPN NFC where he just crushes him for decisions made in this game against Liverpool. And like I just feel like nick. This guy has been there for such a short amount of time. And you want to wait until he's played a team. Maybe as good as any primarily team we've ever seen potentially and you WanNa wait for that moment to crushingly I think he has failed with Tottenham. I will say it but I just don't believe that it's fair to say that yet. What I'm seeing the Games when way is on a meeting people who Andrew Drew Games before this were calling were saying this is this is late stage Marino already? Okay we gotta move all right. We'll move on to Manchester Chester city. And really there's not a ton to say about when Manchester City beats up on Asamoah when six one. There's a bit in the mail bag. We gotta discuss okay The the only things I want to say about it well. I'll get Sergio Aguire on a SEC. Because he's he's incredible but also want to talk about Kevin Debrecen real quickly. Because I say all the time that there there are different types of assists not every assist is created equal and he in my mind continues to be the king of the true goal scoring assist. Do you handle the one ball. He Played Gabriel J. Zeus were all Jay Z's has to do is just walk into it and put it in the net. I feel like no one. Does it more than Debrecen. He's is incredible at it. And it's it's really really fun to watch when he was the ball to the back post right right hand technically across. But I think it's a new type across. He saw aw accurate coaches and in the past and even managers who go on. TV Andrew would say he's done well. He's just drilled it into that corridor of uncertainty between goalkeeper and last defender put. It seems much more. It seems less heat and hope than in previous generations. It's like he's actually actively picking someone out any the as. Oh Yeah but there's degree of difficulty and the the regularity which with which he does. It is just stunning and today I mean the weekend was set up for him. Yesterday was set up from to go wild and he didn't he didn't know he was great but really it was raptured into heaven. I've heard people say that before But really the story of this game is well. The Positive Story of this game is Sergio. Aguayo hat trick. He now becomes the Primer League's all-time foreign born player liar In terms of goals scored passing and now causing people to start debating whether or not he is the greatest striker in the history of the League. I won't say the whole first division but will say in the primarily era. Yeah and you know his numbers on his level of consistency over a number of seasons. Means if you're being fair gets in ahead of of Luis Suarez or someone of that and I have no qualms without whatsoever now now. It was interesting I read Mark Ogden. who was kind of saying well? He doesn't get the credit he deserved. And we've talked about that before. He's only made one the EP l.. All eleven and that wasn't until twenty eighteen I mean. How many great years did you have before that? Right and Marikina goes the angle of you know. We'll why is this the case he's he he wrote. This does not seek publicity or use the media to his advantage. I'm playing for city. has also impacted on a state has beyond the United Liverpool and Arsenal Are Much bigger clubs on a global scale and city and Kamar Command far greater media. Attention the also fire deeper reservoirs of supporters who help raise the profile of their star players. It's so true. I mean if you're looking at the clubs in the top flight right now. They're Arsenal Manchester. United unlivable historically with deep fan bases around the world and that does make a difference but also I think from my point of view why I think of Anri. I'll think of shearer before him is because with the city he project we're all the money came in there. Was this totally unfair. In my view view of well they paid all this money. He's doing what he's supposed to do I. I don't think it's your right but it's wrong for me to think that way. Not Wrong for me. To think city are what they are because of money but wrong for me to just expect him like it shouldn't diminish his talent or ability but I think you're right in that that perception exists and it's why he doesn't necessarily receive the athletes because has when when he slashed as a team. Do something well. I almost feel like there's a a general boredom with it because because like you said it's just what is expected expected. If you're going to do the things and put a lineup out there that they have. This is what you're supposed to be doing. Yeah and and and and any kind of thing or any kind of piece of art that's described as a project. Are you know some kind of long term plan is kind of diminished. It's not not organic. We don't think of it in the same way as we think of other teams and that's probably correct put. It should not take away from what Sergio Guero has done. There had been big transfers was coming to clubs with lots of money Mataya Kashmir and. I'm looking at you at early stage Chelsea and what happened there. Nothing Yeah Mark. Ogden said in that article that if Aguayo had done this while wearing read the perception of him would be completely different. That's fair ops. Probably true his goals per minute scores a goal in the premier league once every hundred six minutes that is of all players who have come through the League who have scored at least twenty goals that is by far by far the best scoring rate. Harry Kane is second at one hundred twenty one minutes per goal and then on one hundred twenty two. He still has eighty five odd to get close to shearer. Well yes that's I mean what's that that's another another three seasons worth. He's going to be thirty four. We'll catch what is Wayne Rooney at two eight zero eight Andy Cole. At one eight seven. So he's going on Lampert at one seventy seven so he's going to go past Andy Colour would imagine look Lampard for midfielder. Yeah right up yeah always arriving late. It's just it's the consistency from Guero more than twenty twenty goals in six of his eight seasons. So maybe there's a boredom with that too like he never has this kind of like forty goal season but he never sinks below like fifteen. He's just kind of like solid every single year. I think the fact you don't hear him speak very much at all. It is is a thing like Alan Shearer in the midst of the Blackburn days as Mike in front of his face after again Newcastle. The same a guero. Not so much. He leaves a kind of A. If you saw the the Amazon Prime Documentary Chan City. They cleaned up a closeted life. It's not he's not out in a boat that much. He certainly not like autumn. Mindy putting pictures in the Mur looked like a Halloween costume. Assume he thought he look Sean. Bruin put the the lyrics from crazy town. Coal Milady Qom Qom Malate sock. Because he didn't look like a guy from crazy Yeah let's stay with this game for sack because I know you've had some thoughts on Danny drink water. I was monitoring your twitter account or the show's account as this game was transpired. Inspired both okay. It seemed like you WanNa get some things off your chest about them but I I feel bad for him first of all because the the first three goals that ushered the people out of Villa Park were you know he was at fault. You could pick fought with them in nearly all of them and in one of them he registered an assist. I think it was Myers. His second goal where where you try to turn in the box look. was anybody going to go in there. And Stop City in that form. Maybe not but just that Dean Smith Myth. You know his comments. This isn't a gamble. How can you expect a guy who has not played any minutes in almost two years to come in and and make an impact against a downhill city is just oh my God? I mean everyone saw this coming a couldn't believe when he was starting now again. What what options did did they really have? Not a ton but even still the way he said it up Connor Horon not the most defensive of midfielders and drink drinkwater beside each other screening. Back four and trying to stay compact no and we know the results were simply what was jarring was him trying to track Brana. You'll gassed debris with breezing by him and it just goes to show his lack of games. I mean things are getting kind of hot and hot and steamy therefore Dean Smith at the park Some other quick hits before we take a quick break here for Arsenal more or frustration. Another one one that they might have been fortunate to have any play down a man for in.

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