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Sixty seven forty seven out of play got mad about thirteen. Not county is how out the video. Thirty three larry be first timer. Really how many do we have that have not been picked. I updated my pyramid. Charlie three weeks ago and there was still like thirty. So it's probably like twenty seven twenty a statistical breakdown. Please add to my list of that. Everything i wanna know everything on your list for that one. Yeah how many the keeps track of our picks. Look that up here. Okay keep tracking how many How many total like lottery things if we done so we can get like one hundred and we've probably dumb hundred so we've got what you said. Twenty eight left twentieth origami left. I'll put the top of my list. Police a clear the rest of my list. You'll have it up. I think self sarcastic. Oh i now put that. This is the most important me staring at a sheet of numbers for twenty. Five seconds tomorrow has to hap- you'll have tamar. Oh wow you're the best all right see you guys on wednesday god. Great guests coming up. Great great great guests coming up levees o. You have a fact yeah. Animal animal alligators have been a long running problem for nasa including climbing over their fences and entering buildings overnight. Cool j with the To party another level say could solve. God a just. Do you believe you anyway..

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