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Know he wasn't really asking a forever thing and she was a waste holding them so she's obviously by far the best for europhilia around but we have yet to learn much more about because she hasn't run against the colts as she and jasim well that she has run against the oda. He's now about thinks she's run against top top class outta who sees okay. Wonderful tonight is a very very small mayor on a day but she really wants soft ground. I think it was too quick for her. Who was a strange since around to be honest wonderful tonight. Because they've been asia being guy on the season about the fact that they must have soft ground than suddenly decides. It's out in the yorkshire oaks on quicker. And i think the rest of them were that good. I mean sharda who jim. Carney was quite positive about and seemed to really really like she definitely didn't run a because she was told off so now i think we did learn anything about so. Don't you question. medi k. Ground us both quick. Aco or at times man. I from what i could gather. It was a good time. Which i guess would sort of shush doubted. Somewhat angry was good times at your last week. The crime was basically quick So expect some good times. We got a relatively well run race here and the horses that et cetera album floated that finished second came through dot came from the back a little bit like arising horse last year. Finishing to love alpina stephanie. Saying the not race. Kim basically was written to get second and debt. The form doesn't look any stronger than that. Even the wonderful tonight was in here and we did. Nothing of that. Standard was an lawsuit against love. Tens of what. We're learning about snowfall. You're good which are just a way of evidence knowns building up you you get one slightly lucan law mid one twenties performance you can maybe start to brush off but once you've done it three times it becomes a lot harder do that and under the videon conditions that she's done under two so i think you're gonna take level is a sweeter as as pretty legit as well. I keep saying that. The hawks was with flattening and as it doesn't matter because she's done a here under the code is well. I'm not sure she does. Not the arc. I'm she has still go if we think ideas is good as as ratings are telling us in hurricane lane as well to an extent there arguably strong position than anything enable had to be and snowfall of a slave is is going to be compared to the needle in always So yet so. I'm not sure that having a short she is. I think she's at a little bit on style the substances just building up by increments boss still stomach which is better than a amid one twenty easily and you need to be at least out of it or not and you're settling on a level of which i back a three at night and a four foot or knock wood you back. I'll give you base an imaginary tenor. He would you put it on you. I will. I've already done anti-bush price on the arkansas panicking lane at. I think he might given knocking. George given us a race mile force or Emphasis on quickening up thinking about horse and they are still. I think he's quicker horse. I like an awful awful. So we add practical for hurricane lane. Okay and wrote. I would probably stick with that. I think that he's just about the most impressive dhabi when we've in in recent years and i like the way that he stays and sees these races some long show really do need to stay 'cause usually the grounds fairly testing and i think that mike sue at air will get the free road allowances well. I can't brilliant. Now give them. We have some real analytical brains on this week's podcast. I think one of the races that we really should be digging into is the weatherbys hamilton. Lonsdale cup echo. Strawberries narrowly beating spanish mission by ahead. attacks just the full runners in stratovarius getting on top very much close name that was ding dong battles throughout the final furlong. We now accepting. Strawberries is no operating at a level. Ones also do you think he didn't face his ideal conditions here case 'cause po keighley's insisted that this was once off ground despite connection saying that it's not what he's after wards as well words danger anyway because something told me to give a long time ago said gaston horses you know the once a very. I think keells there to be quite honest. I suspect cues seeing that with clinton his little bit. I think started. This is perfectly adapt on soft kind federal connections. Tell you not suspended about muchly wanting it. But i don't think i think grown comes to stradivarius and certainly in terms of the handsome is handsome. Does approach you know. People will tell you he definitely doesn't suit soft grind. But i'm telling you what you can do. And i'm telling you that he can run as well and software. I'm telling you the best of his career came on soft grunt so is absolutely fine on those conditions. There whether he's as good this year i think he's a little bit of both in this regard. This as an witty was last year. It was better than this last year. Being spanish mission. Who has improved this year for me by a collarbone grimberg. He's only been with hundred holding a year or on a little more than not. And i think he's a horse. No strata videos. Frankie would try to win. His lillies he could. I think if you watch him is desperate not to reach the whip. How stone and teams. I think he's one that this is tactical strategy is wins and luckily to steer so he gets in a lotta tactical races. So i it's hard for me to see exactly. He isn't woman. I think you're you'd be right. And on a percentage sites on the percentage call. If you said he's not quite what you was. That still might be good enough because it has no evidence of any other stairs into division the are better the not lou twenties level that he is probably still capable love. The true sean. Almost certainly capable of and i don't think there's anything else really that is definitely a one twenty st at unless decide to send wonderful tonight did not ruin. Obviously they're going for the arc instead so he might yet still. Sounds like you're quite interested. In that as an experiment she stays a mile sex. Well she probably isn't good enough to win an arc and she likes soft crime that a lot of these goodstein roses are not on soft right at the end of the year. I'd be into it. I'm not look upon her now. So i'm only interested once. Malaysia says he's going to do that. And i'm not here advise anybody but if she turned up in the long distance cop i'd be backing. I think i think she's got coffee like that..

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