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Level Between the the IT FM and Cosmos and again we've had a good relationship We don't always agree on everything but I think we come to a decision at the end and so that's kind of how how it works and how involved is joppy. KABC decision maker was he. Move ahead no Gerard is very very very involved. I mean As a my but I think usually Were involved on the strategic elements and were decisions that are complex and being made when we get most involved we have strong teams Have you ever Lonzo from Cosmos and Kelly fairweather from the IT. F- spent spend a lot of time working together and then the teams that each Group has worked together on a constant basis. Just looking ahead to the feet Geno. Jackovich's said this week I think. Thoughts Co founded dollars. Well that he doesn't think that the HP Cup and the Davis Cup can coexist based in his words What is the position on that? Do you think that the best thing for tennis would be emerged of those two competitions. So so yeah the. It F- ATP had a series of meetings over the years there's been recent leadership change at the ATP So we will re-engage age. We had an election. I was reelected so now that our leadership on both sides is defined. I think we sit down and look at what's best for tennis. I don't so what that means. And what the outcome will be The great thing was both Novak and Rafa being here and playing in the Davis Cup and being committed to it We want to do what's right for the calendar and for the players so will involve them and look forward to collaboration with the ATP and we'll see what that might lead to what do anticipate those talks starting right in the new year. Yes I would imagine that we have meetings in in Melbourne. If not if not before a Before we get there just finally it does seem that the women have been quite left out of this whole team competition of the reform. Perform the we'll see the addition of that in Budapest next year but thinking long term. Do you think that a combined mixed team event is. It's the best thing for tennis. And is that your kind of ultimate ambition to involve them because from my point of view that you know you've talked about kind of festival full of tennis the the Grand Slams Film festivals of tennis when everyone is involved together and so is that your intention to to work towards that in the future. Well I I think that I do agree that when we have men and women together it It is a fantastic event and we talked about doing that. you know about about two years ago of having a mixed competition the issue was calendar so I think we still need to work through with both that we wanted to do was make sure for Fed Cup that we immediately got to The equal prize money position as quickly as we could which is for next year which is very important we also also have our Hotline Cup Mixed Competition that will be reintroducing in twenty twenty. One US we're going through a bid process because we know that when eight nations come together one man woman playing singles than plain mixed. It's exciting so that's something that will be bringing back and then as a longer term her goal. I think having both Davis Cup.

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