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The Dolphins are all systems go. And even I would have to put Myles Gaskin. I know I'm going back and forth the running backs again, but, uh, I do live in Miami. Obviously, I'm a homer. But if you just look at how effective Myles Gaskin and Albert Wilson have been so far I think that both of these guys are probably going to get under drafted and have solid years. I would say that for sure. Um, and I was very, very happy even with, uh, a viscous and all that I talked about. Um, him having a big year? I think he was solid. I think we're gonna just continue to see gains off that I talked about Terry McLaurin. I mean, I was shocked. He didn't make the top 100. So I think that people still vastly underrated him. Um, but you know, those are obviously solid names. I just think that all those guys Need to be drafted a lot higher than people think. And I think, especially Albert Wilson. Uh, there There's no question. What do you like about Albert Wilson so much? I mean, he looks like he's a running back just just happens to play receiver. I mean, just look at his style of play. Look at I think what the the Dolphins want to run. How effective she is how the connection seems to be there with the flow again. I know it's only preseason, but you know, we had an opportunity to tend to my practices and talk to people I know and trust, even some of the people in the media that I really trust that shoot me straight there like he might be the best player on the field. Much less the best receiver. He's very, very effective. I think from a rookie standpoint, I'm very impressed with 22 at well, uh, I know he's the classic undersized guy might be forgot, but He's extremely effective again. I am not ever buying into the height weight thing, but he did you get him on that field, not offensive. I mean, a thing to outlaw is going to have a monster year. That's my Rookie sleeper in terms of receiver, um to to out Well, you brought up Terry McLaurin. I wanted to talk about him because I've been impressed by that guy since he came out and last year for a variety of reasons. Maybe the Change of quarterbacks. He didn't put up the huge numbers like I thought he would. But I love that guy's receiver. What stands out about Terry McLaurin? His speed. You know you just It's just that speed at a stat. Just speed in terms of long range speed. It's just speed but everything. He's just fast. He's fast on underneath. He's fast on the longer routes. He's extremely extremely efficient out of his brakes and I think, Yeah, I think that Washington's kind of trying to all come together. I think he's going to have even an even a better year. Um, and if we move on to tight end again, but I think the two biggest hits ahead last year was clearly Allen Robinson and into the tight end position. Johnny Smith. Joanna Smith had a solid year. I'm very happy to see where he's at right now and how he's going to build off the season he had and then, from rookie standpoint, I'll go all in on Tommy Trump. So I think that John who Smith had a solid year is going to have a better year. My rookie incoming tight ends going to be Tommy tremble. I think that he's going to surprise a lot of people and be one of the most effective rookie tight ends, if not the best. Rookie tight ID and then the league. I know that's a bold statement. But again, you just got to see. I mean, what stands out about because I don't know much about him, Pete. Route. Running a ability is vastly underrated, You know, coming out of college. I think that it was consensus that he was probably the best blocking tight in college football. Um, you know, he split time at Notre Dame because they had a very effective other tight end. But, um, you know, we were shocked. I'll be honest. We were shocked at watching his natural route running ability. Um, I think that just he's the full complete package tight ends. He's going to play a lot, and if that offence goes, I think he's going to get some some looks and and You know, when you have production, you're just going to keep building up that momentum. I think he's going to be that type of guy. That's going to surprise. A lot of people as a rookie. Yeah, Why not? Why not? I gotta I gotta throw some sleepers out there so That's my two. I mean, definitely 100% is going to be Michael Carter, number one, I think there definitely the summary would be, uh, I talked about the studs are gonna be high production with Erin Jones and Alan Robinson. I talked about my sleepers. Definitely. Michael Card number one I comeback player Albert Wilson by extreme sleeper with Tommy's tremble. Um, you know, I think that we definitely discuss Johnny Smith. Um Myles Gaskin. I think a guy like Gus Edwards is definitely a solid pick. I know that he is the model of consistency. And I know they got a lot of good backs there. But you know, Gus Edwards is a big back. He's explosive, and I think that he's proven he gets an opportunity he's gonna produce and I think that's a good safe pick. I know this is a fantasy football show, but we always like to talk about some defensive players that definitely caught my eye. Antoine Winfield was my guy last year. I don't think I could have picked a better one. I mean, he maybe look a lot smarter than I am. Let's put it that way. So Antoine's my guy. I'll roll off that and say that. You know, I'm very impressed with Denzel Ward the first time we work with him. I think he's going to have a monster year and from in terms of incoming rookies, you know Caleb Farley. Caleb Farley is one of the best pure athletes I've ever seen in my entire life. He's a great football player, and it's just shocking that a guy that size can move that fast and be that fundamentally sound of football, So I know a lot of people. Uh, you know, I'm not sure if they slip on Kale, whatever, because.

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