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So Anita. What is your history and relationship with point break? I wanna make. I have seen it a lot. I don't remember. This is one of those movies that's just been like around you just like I know I had seen it and then I've seen it a bunch of times and I'm also slightly obsessed with Patrick Swayze not really. I just, I like him in a couple of movies and now think that I'm obsessed with him because of that don't know that much about him. You're so you're seeing the lead you love Patrick. Swayze. I do. I would like to pick a fight with. Whoever has already done dirty dancing on your podcast because that's really what I want to talk about. Legit is my favorite movie and you know Patrick swayze's also in that. So these two are my like late eighties, early nineties, like favourite Goto films, and they both happened to start this amazing. Wonderful buff, man. Yeah, I love him as far as I know. Patrick Swayze we are. It's it's okay to let Patrick Swayze. Yeah. Yeah. Well, he's no longer with us. He can't fuck up now. All right, p. exactly. And so far we he was married for thirty four years. I don't know if that means anything because it doesn't always. But you know, there have been no accusations that have come out against Patrick Swayze which I don't know if that would be useful to anyone at this point anyways, but Swayze dead baby. He's going to always be boaty or Johnny castle to me. You just Johnny really hard to take that away. He these names did names, Johnny, Johnny, Utah, Danny ocean. Larry g Lee. What are these names. I would also like to point out that if you've never seen point break the film, does that mean you've also never experienced point break live? That's your. What is that. Point break lie, don't about point break live, I'm afraid what's so point break. Live was this live theater show that was around for many, many years, and it was a recreation of the movie, live in a theater and the way that it worked was the role of Kanoo was cast every performance and the way it would be cast is that people in the audience would come up to the stage and do their best Kanoo impression. The audience would vote for their favourite Kanoo and then that person would be in the show for the night and the way that they would be in the show is that someone walks out with cue cards and they read off of the cue cards. Wow. The other amazing thing is that the live show turns the homo erotic subtext point break into text, which is so good. The other thing is that they will sell you a one dollar poncho before you enter the theater because they actually splash the. Oh. I feel like homoerotic theater with splash zone is the show I wanna see you single time every single time. That's unbelievable. Yeah, I'm so bummed for all of the people who didn't experience this show life. Yeah. So you're huge fan of the movie point break? I am. I am a solid fan. Okay. Like I've got facts about the movie, the scenes info and Jamie you had never seen it. I didn't grow up with this movie either. I didn't see until I think last year on thanksgiving. I'd always heard of it of course, but didn't know really what I thought the reputation that it had is that it was like a solid like really cool action movie and did not realize how cheesy it is in, like how corny all the dialogue is and all the performances are..

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