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You could come back to work. Fuckin- writ the granted everybody's going to touch each other intimately you know sexual tensions going to be crazy not to have fucking jerk off boots this time next month. Hopefully we all come back to work. Everybody's looking like fuck and little gone. They got stubble going. The guys write the checks. Cut The gap going. I think this is my call. After this pandemic there is going to be another baby boom. It's going to be another baby boom. That's what it's going to be. The first time it happened was because people fought a world war for fucking five six years right with US nowadays. We're so fucking pampered. Here is because we had to stay. Stay inside for like what six weeks? I don't fucking anyway. It's a good time to get arrested. Anybody out there if you really in a jam for food three hots and a cot you know. There's there's always a solution I want to hear from some doomsday peppers. How are you or other people that have like the panic room that add up the fucking pantry with all the cans of beans? And the keene walk right good on you. You did it. Specially the men and women who were with somebody who were like. Oh my God you're crazy. You're acting crazy. The got your tin foil hat on right like you guys used to always say to me. I should have had a bunch of set away. I didn't why did I do it now? I got all his fucking corned beef. I don't know what the fuck it do with black people. I got salt.

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