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Tom web caught trying to escape with the money. Another big score for the gang occurs on july seventh eighteen seventy six when robbed the missouri pacific railroad train and rocky cut missouri take fifteen thousand dollars if a keeping track the james younger game and robina rating for ten years now and they haven't lost any of the younger or the james brothers but then that changes in september of eighteen seventy six the good luck of the james younger gang comes to an end with their infamous failed attempt to rob the first national bank of northfield minnesota on september seventh acting bank cashier joseph lee heywood refuses to open the safe in ducks down and jesse doesn't care for it feels threatened scares him. He doesn't feel safe and he needs to clearly defend himself. He had been very foggy clear in that letter. Jesse put a pistol. All of the cashiers had shoots him dead and the shot is heard beyond the bank when the bank alarm goes off northfield citizens respond by opening fire upon the gang to northfield citizens killed in the shootout gang members charles pitts bill child well <hes> shot and killed bill chadwell. Excuse me cole jim bob younger all shot but managed to escape briefly. We do too their wounds their lot easier to track all three are captured over the next two weeks franken jesse escape make back to missouri unharmed but they're gangs over with with the younger brothers gone rather than give up on crime. The gang becomes the james gang and they just take on a little <hes> you know rating intermission lay low in tennessee for awhile but they'll get back to crime here shortly cole and jim younger would both spend the next twenty five years in the minnesota territorial prison in stillwater paroled in one thousand nine hundred one. Jim younger becomes engaged but is not allowed allowed to get married due to the terms of his parole and he kills himself in a hotel room in nineteen. Oh two at the age of fifty four cole reunite with frank james and toured the south frank <unk> and wild west show called the cole younger and frank james wild west company baba dived as i mentioned earlier at the age of thirty five in eighteen eighty nine in prison as the turmoil ensues around in the james brothers still live in their domestic lives on february six eight hundred seventy eight robert franklin james franken and he's only child is born franks walton..

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