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I hope he was forgets to Blackie's castanets and do is reindeer, sir. Up. Bunch of vixen. A bedroom, A blip. Sanders, Ole Ole! Oh, my WGN radio. I'm Rollie James. That's the original organ. Rios version. As opposed to the Salis brothers who later did it in East L. A. Don't start sending lost 1958 on MGM got to number 47 on the pop charts is about eight at the time. Auggie later wound up on Broadway briefly and then just disappeared from sight. Maybe embarrassment because of Donna saw Santa Claus. I don't know. But I've tried and tried. Never have found him now it now, Steve. Of course you found just about everybody. Did Auggie Rios ever surfaced as far as you know? I don't think so. I don't think so. I think that was that was that was one and done. And what? What? What? What? What a tragically fun Christmas Fuck. Yeah, that's like a figure. They renamed the Reindeer. Off course. Of course. Okay. Yeah. Yeah, I know. He was like from Spanish Harlem of the Bronx or something. Like I say that is an older team. He was a Broadway musical and then literally dropped off the face of the earth, and it's one of those people that Usually I don't find out what happened to them until I read the old bitch, And I hate that. You know, it would've been nice to you while they were still like years ago. You, of course from the Pennsylvania area. So there was a there was a guy in Redding, who recorded this record. Trying to think this first name, but it was a bobby pin I think and the pen pals and gone forever always thought this was a great little record. Tried to find Bobby Pin for a zillion years. Never did read his old bit in Las Vegas last year. And it said in reading is a team he recorded, you know, Gone Rise, it all know why did it? Take that? But yes, I'm dancing around the obvious Here. We must. We must get to it. The Christmas gift from hell. And my first question is Who at QB? She thought this was a good idea. Up the Christmas gift from help Woz. Found one of the great things Q. B C did by the way calling outcrops. During the Christmas break. You know, they go off the air for about 36 hours Christmas time, and we used to do all kinds of Christmas productions and things that they still do some stuff, but now they're featuring Small vendors all over the country that businesses that have been hurt by the pandemic. And just giving them some national air time to talk about their products, their services of what have you and I think that's a great thing that they're doing that that's a that's a really cool somebody. Somebody really had a heads up thought with that one. So so good to them for that, and Back in the nineties. They build a bus. Television studio bus. It was orange and had a map of the United States on it. It. It looks like one of the Hawaiian shirts I wore when I was really fat. It was It was just Oh, but you saw it coming later, They found out it was too heavy to be on the road. Yes, but but it took him a few years to find out. I think they finally got fined. And somewhere in California big time exactly hold. It was tens of thousands of dollars in fines us as I recall, anyway. Q. B. C local with the bus called and they every every Once a year. Why should sit two times during the 10 year, the Q VC local they would go around to all 50 states. They would fight. They would told the product fare find what they considered to be the best 20 products in the state. And then we go to that state and do a live show from that state. Featuring those products. That's great. That's actually a great idea. It was phenomenally to help so many small business people to become They'll more than small business people Some people did did quite well with it. The, uh 11 of the trips was to Alaska. And this trip to Alaska. There was a wood craftsman who made wooden animals, but they were animated and they did stuff. Which means you It wasn't just a wooden animal. It was a wooden animal that would that would serve a purpose in your life. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, Wait, wait, wait. Let's not get to the product Was the practice coming coming up, But so tell me about other products. This guy made serve a purpose in your life. What did some of these products do? Well, there was. I think there were some That would would. Well, I I can't really tell you without giving up with this product that they would basically serve you in some ways. Survey a an edible item to Oh, I I see, in other words, that the animal was a delivery method for food. Exactly. Right, right. They had that the number one product is the one we did know. That was the number two products, But in the meantime, I couldn't I gotta leave that right there for for a moment again. Yeah, you know, you know, it's all coming. And this is this is absolutely out of an awful finish this story this hour, but we'll continue it next hour because this is just too Good to be true. All right? Yeah, and people ordered it also Wait till you hear about the demonstration. I'm Rollie James. That's WGN radio spending more time at home. You can still work toward your goals and step into your future. This summer at toughs are pre college team invites.

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