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Definitely would happen on a playground. I think no. Because I it's all flat and safe. Let's say fun safely fund for adults. Thank you so much for listening to wonderful. The listeners Senan. Yeah. We skipped it last week because we just were completely. Did we really really did? I felt terrible. But yeah, the listeners sentence, and I don't know if it was last week recently. We I know we recently skipped it. Yeah. So Catherine says I love watching experts at work. It's truly satisfying inspiring to watch a master chef or crafts person. Do the thing that they're really really good at I agree with this whole heartedly. This is kind of our whole thing with reality competitions. I think sure, and I mean also watch like YouTube videos, just like, you know, people who put the pizza boxes together super good. To like, a silver dollar city and watch somebody below glass, so dope. Awesome. Nice Karinna says Terron Kilims Robin tribute on YouTube. I was listening to Robin's new single when I remembered that this selling to that that Taryn Kilim video happened in two thousand eleven simpler times Taryn in crop jacket and tight pants busting move to Robbins. Call your girlfriend while Bobby Moynihan shines a flashlight and the doorway bonus wonder the song is still a bop you've seen this video. The original the song is fucking great the music videos, gray, and then basically turned kill him when he was on SNL into dozen eleven and like a whole big room full of like caste people is a writing night. And so it was like four thirty AM, and they just recreated the whole music video shot for shot in kind of perfect. Do you? Remember, the Halloween that I was Robin. All true. Yeah. It's a really really good video. I love it very much Tessie says, you know, when you're hiking in the woods. Oh. Okay. I definitely copied and pasted this into my document narrowly. I guess I forgot, you know, when you're hiking in the woods, and you notice the tree roots have grown in a certain way. So that it looks like stairs. When I was a little kid. I went on hikes, and it used to think to myself that they were magic trails made by fairies or something when I see them nowadays. I just think it's really cool like the trees just wanted you to have an easier time climbing that hill. Thanks trees. Just wonderful work doing out there ladies. Oh my gosh. That's really nice. That's really nice. I'm sorry. Shit about a really Rogers like a very specific visual for me. Yeah. Me too really back to that same park that I grew up next to I don't think that park enough credit as formative just like your church. I think that's it. Thank you to bow. In gust is for these theme on money won't pay you and finally to that in the episode description. Let's say a few words about maximum fun. Maximum fund that Orrick is home to wonderful positive podcasts. That can teach you lot. And make you laugh. I. Always turn to that website every single day. Just looking to see what's going on. I'm constantly refreshing. It looking for new podcasts new lessons, they have shows like tights and fights and stop podcasting yourself and wanting to listen to the new tights and fights because open Mike eagle, all yeah. Participated.

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