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Previously, on the Tony Kornheiser show. leadoff double no out first and third one out eric themes. Strikes out I can't. I can't do to robe way strikes out looking all the time. He's got more than one strikeout a game. He said he's EPI said he's a lot more disciplined in the strike zone. This year he's he's not swinging very disciplined. He's not just to strike approach. The Tony Kornheiser show is on now. All right. So you when you do a podcast, you plan for it. The plan originally was not to do one today. The plan was that I would not be in Washington that I would be in Delaware and we weren't even going to have it but those changed and I decided to do a podcast and one of the reasons I did is because this is actually this is inside. Baseball for people this is actually the Last Day of my contract here in other words I start in my mind I start September first and I end August thirty first for purposes of how many shows you do in a year and stuff like that because of the pandemic we haven't been able to do the type of show or the amount of show that I've wanted to do, but this gets us to a very, very nice round number one, hundred and seventy. So I was very pleased to be able to do this show I had a lot of things to talk about including disasterous. Barbecue with chicken. Over the weekend that I wanted to talk about and I certainly wanted to talk about having watched both Putz live yesterday, and we will get to this was Steve Sands both Putz live yesterday a Dustin Johnson on what was the last stroke of the tournament either way make or miss hits a forty three foot putt to force a playoff and then Jon Rahm from essentially the same place except maybe fifteen to twenty feet further by twenty flicks back hits the same pot AFC and wins and wins right in the middle right in the heart and I wanted to talk about all that and I plan to talk about all that and then Nigel about ten minutes ago you texted me what? Some very sad news that's being reported. That former Georgetown head coach John. Thompson has passed away at the age of seventy eight. Now, there's this is being reported by Ninety Sports Radio and it's being reported by WJLA which is channel seven Washington DC and you don't. Ever, get this wrong, right if you get this wrong, you're out of a job. So I'm going to assume even though I don't have anything else to go on I'm going to assume this is true and I'm going to change the beginning of this show and I'm GonNa talk a little bit about John Thompson who I admired greatly. And I liked an awful lot and always in tribute to John Thomson I called him a worthy adversary he was very difficult to cover. Very. Difficult. He was an extraordinarily private man extraordinarily large man and could use his size to be extraordinarily intimidating. He's very, very smart. So covering Georgetown with John Around with the notion of Hoya, paranoia in the late seventies and early eighties stretching through the ninety s made it very difficult for a lot of people to get to the truth you couldn't really talk to anybody on the team unless. John gave you permission. You could talk to John into talk to John, at Georgetown, you had to go upstairs three or four flights of stairs and go through four or five locked doors. It was honestly like the beginning of get smart I mean you just you made an appointment with John John John did everything he could to intimidate you physically and intellectually and John and I got along we. He he was not able to sleep. He I'm not saying he was at INSOMNIAC, but he did not sleep much. So the best interviews and Wilpon will be on later in the show and he'll tell you this John would call you a two or three in the morning. Return your calls calls it two or three in the morning and I made it very clear. If the first time he did that that I wasn't going to do that anymore. I wasn't going to get up a two and three in the morning to take these calls. Others did junior did will bond did you pretty much had to? If you covered the team, you had to do that and John was always engaging look I wrote a big piece about twenty years ago. For an ESPN book on the. Greatest athletes of the twentieth century. One of them and deservedly. So was Bill Russell the greatest winner ever in the NBA. Bill Russell. And the entire story that I wrote about Bourassa talk to Bill Russell, Bill Russell and talk to anybody he and talk. So there's no point in me even talking to Bill Russell I later heard from a family member that they'll Russell said, well, why didn't he ask to talk to me and I started to laugh because Bill Russell never talked to anybody I went to John Thompson you'd say, well, why would you go to John? Thompson, well, John Thompson. Bill Russell's teammate and backup center for the Boston. Celtics for a few years in the sixties John Thompson was himself a great basketball player at Providence College and was in the pros backing up Bill Russell and John Thompson was so smart and could tell me all about Bill Russell. Tell me everything that I didn't know and and the quotes in that piece all John I could never thank John Enough I had. As I said. An odd relationship with John but it was filled with admiration and respect and even some good humor when John, after John, retired and I was at Johns. Retirement is to when he left Georgetown he just left one day and called a bunch of people up and had a press conference and. We laughed about the fact that the bird of prey was sitting in the stands when John, talked. And at some point in our lives at some point in our lives. John and I think it was when Princeton played duke and may have even beaten Duke. At..

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