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Denver game Zoellick. probably definitely Napa know you make those you don't comments have to on know a fancy radio terms show? You like throw ceramic your star wide Metallica receiver under calibers the bus to when know that it was this because sound. of your stupid mistake. It's not probably it's definitely. And the thing is he blames it on social media and the media. No. You said something Tonio Brown thought were his guy, even played it right in the moment, Tonio Brown, and then he was never able to get over that now in Tokyo Brown made himself look craziest wellness whole process. Because it Tony Brown, Instagram lives. Everything, and he's at the gym work it out on the elliptical and saying, call me mister big chess, and AB got to out compete a band. Sounds crazy. And as we set from this from the start Ben Rothlisberger doesn't look good here. The Rooney family doesn't look good here. Mike Tomlin doesn't look good here. Antonio Brown doesn't look good here. It's not just one person. And there may be some other factors into AB wanting out, but getting the new contract. Yeah. That could be a factor except AB even with doll success and how he's on the path to be hall of Famer. His someone that clearly has an ego. He is someone. That's clearly a diva. And when you have the star quarterback say something controversial about him. Any plays it right? Yeah. You can play right? Publicly, but down deep that's going to annoy him. And he's gonna say I thought I was betting sky and now the longer Benz guy. And then with the way that his brain is wired. He's gonna start questioning everything. And you heard it from Antonio Brown. Oh, how many times that I go over to his house. How many times did the Rooney Rooney family invite me to their house, and he starts questioning everything because even though he's as all this fame, and all this power and all this fortune. There's some insecurities there. When he's causing this big of a stink over this. Hey, I'm to the quarterback called me out publicly. However, the quarterbacks won two Super Bowls. And winning two Super Bowls. You get certain leverage in organization. When I look back at this whole thing, I still find that it's so hard to believe because of the talent, it's so surreal and crazy that Ben Brown and bell. You had arguably the best running back in the game one of the better quarterbacks in the game. And one of the the best wide receiver in the game. And what do you have to show for nothing? You guys couldn't win as a trill now, bells in New York now, AB mister, big chess is an Oakland and how Big Ben Stiller. So what's Big Ben going to look like this year? So I do believe Ben feels bad about how it did sour. I have to rip Ben though for not being to realize in the moment. Hey, maybe I shouldn't say this or. You should've maybe apologize, a little bit earlier now, badge of Antonio Brown. Because supposedly Ben started to pick up the phone and call and try to clear, the air and Tonio Brown basically said, loosen Brennan, we'll talk to you talk to someone wants so politics you've had a lot of success together, usually take that phone call. I had that problem in the industry as well. The talk show host in out of it. Certain talk shows, though. Didn't like go. I handle something I was not in the wrong fort and I tried to call this talk show host and talk show said, never contact me. Never call me again. And I thought, wow. And I was mature for that. Like I'm trying to be mature trying to clear the air because I don't know why he was mad at me was stupid. For the reason the I was mad at me. But hey, it is what it is someone someone tries to call an apologize to pick up the phone. It's amazing though, this is just this function on its finace. It really is ju-. There's some shade at a baby. This is from Mark.

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