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Johnson and Emily blunt will be starring in Disney's jungle cruise movie, however, the release date has changed at the rock may be announcement himself. The original release date was set for fall of next year. However, it's not going to be out until July twenty four twenty twenty. I know you guys are marking our calendars right now Justin calendar accordingly. Twenty is a little. Yeah. Apparently there was too much competition at the time. We're getting a new Addams family movie, a sequel zombie land, and a are you afraid of the dark movie reboot? I don't think I ever say the dirt floor. TV show. How are you afraid of? The midnight society is going to reconvening next year. Sorry, jungle cruise awesome. Yeah. Just three months after announcing their engagement Carly clause in Josh Cooke, Kushner are officially husband and wife, the model she went to Instagram and shared the news by putting a photograph of herself with her new husband stating the day that they got married. Ten eighteen twenty eighteen eighty guests watch the nuptials happened in upstate New York Carly Kloss work, custom Dior. I wonder if they put their crate and barrel registry. On everyone to contribute tells me. No, probably not. No. Maybe I don't know. I don't know. Yeah. I just I'm gonna stick to buying the situation and his wife to be here by them. Again. You're going to buy. After prison. I'm gonna wait till after presents. Going to be like a joint happy wedding. And welcome home from prison. A joint. The new Halloween. Sequel is out in theaters this weekend. You can also see the given wide release and also a little movie that's happening at.

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