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Two questioning was something along the lines of like you told me that if I ever voted you out that you wouldn't vote for me in the jury. So why would you expect me to vote for you and the jury and you're like yeah of course yeah yeah. That's not what we're seeing Jackson do in the house as he's disclaiming things but that's the thing it's like. I I always sailing going into the big brother nineteen finale. If I were a juror I would have been like oh I'm of course going to ultra Paul but then when Apollo giving his answers Jackson us like oh no. I love all of you like you're crazy to think that like I like was this like leader of every like he wouldn't he wouldn't underneath or anything and I feel like watching that. Ger- I would've subscribe on voted for Josh like I really would like you have to respect the jury in the honest about you know look Jackson should be like cliff Nicole. I promise you that but it's clear that I was in Hollywood time like I was promising new whatever I could to get further and the I lied to you like it got me to where I am. You know Andy. What do you think about cliffs tactic and by proxy Nicole of telling Jackson we go code. If you hold up your word we're not voting for you right and we go to the jury I mean I respect that. It's like cliff that is back up against the wall and it's like doc. That's his last resort. Do whatever you can. I mean it clearly worked. I mean I didn't totally work because he's gone but Jackson was really upset about it. You know I mean if like I said had a true big. Brother player doesn't never lays down and dies. I think they should do whatever it takes to get themselves off the block or to get this up to say and that's what he was doing and I respect that and like if he meant it or not it doesn't really matter he was just saying Advances Games on game you know I don't know people know this is not going to get a chance to timber that Eureka's final the four t go straight towel and is never with the jury so yeah. I'm trying to think if that I'm not gonNa vote for you in the the end has ever worked on any show Teheran. No I don't believe it. Has I remember I think the the way that you can Dan do it. Theoretically is like Cook Islands with Penner and you'll where like you're basically it wasn't it was the other Guy Adam or something Adam where he basically promised his vote if you will kept him around for one more round the dirty move but it wasn't it yeah yeah. It wasn't a threat it wasn't you won't get my jury vote if you victim was. She aided vote out penner then. You have my vote yeah. Do you threats threats whoever really work I feel like it just seems to me. That's a bad check. It seems like you're just gonNA. Kinda turned the other person off and and make the matter I mean it. It's a last resort thing you know. The cliff didn't really have another play but there wasn't much of a chance that this was going to work. you know if anything you know maybe if he had done it earlier in the week and given Jackson more time to really roommate on the fact that maybe lost this game if you make this move but even then like there. I think there's just an innate part of people that that they don't WanNa be threatened. They Don- they don't want and that's that's. It's about you know there's not much you can do about that so I thought it was very interesting in the fallout of that Kaelin when we got to ultimately Lee Jackson is going to vote to evict cliff and then on the way out of the House that there was still talk about. Hey Hey remember. This is a game. Make make sure that you still vote for me. I thought this was very surprising. I can't ever remember member. Another big brother contestant talking about this on the on the way out the door. Listen listen to Jackson trying to get cliffs vote on the way out the door the jury that this is a game reword. I right in front of Holly also yeah. I don't know note to say he is not surprising. This is what it is. I wasn't shocked to see that even a little bit and then Hawley like it's GonNa Chime in and I love you. I hope and I think you're a great person also and I. I'm always happy about how well we got launch. Andy Win Jackson is saying Remember I. It's a game and cliff like it's it's a game. It's a game I got. What is he sort of bracing Jackson four. Hey and I'm also not going to vote for you. Just don't be mad at me because it's just a game. I don't know I I really don't. I really didn't really even think about it. I don't really know how to interpret. I mean sure I guess but it just seems like when cliff left. He wasn't Jimmy Maher so he maybe also upper Jackson sitter. He talked to the cameras and he talked about he considered the idea of as he was leaving leading leading Jackson no that it was mostly bluff in that he would consider voting for him ultimately. He didn't end up doing that. So you know who knows what that says but certainly it doesn't it doesn't help. Nicole is cliff. Does that because you know if there's any chance that Jackson decide slater to that this is going to be something he decided to cut holly from the colts Nicole then then it doesn't behoove cliff to expose that it was a bluff in any way not that's likely to happen in any way at all how thrilling that would be like. I hate to like I. I ain't wish ill will on holly but man that would be fun to watch my God Andy. We didn't get to talk to you you last week. Did you have a strong take on the vote out. Tommy versus vote Holly Debate Yeah. I think that I disagree with you guys. I still very mentally think they should've kept Tommy like I'm sorry. One of them has gone now. Potentially both of them are going to be gone in a week and I think one on one or both with Soviet their finale night if they had kept Tommy and I I think that's the bottom line of it. All like hundred certainly was better for Nicole to to keep Tommy around. I'm like big brothers. Big Brother is a game of there's some luck and I mean it's just worse case scenario happened for cliffs week but still it's like I still I mean you even heard. Tommy is dire saying he would have gone to the end. That's candid. I think that he can go out of the House on his high horse where that if he stays in the game and for whatever reason that he feels like Oh. I have a better chance against Jackson resigned. I think he would remain self interested. I don't think he's going to necessarily put I still think he would've you've gone. I think he would have gone after Jackson. I really do like percent agree with you I think he would have I really I really like Tommy. I feel like I didn't people think time. He's a little Lamar shrewd than he is. I think Tommy is just a pretty genuine likable lovable guy and I think that he was probably speaking the truth there and like I said I think that if they would've kept Tommy at least one of them would have made it to the final two and now it looks like unless Nicole wins that finally neither one of them. We're GONNA make it so. I think it was take I I'm willing to. I think that Tommy would have gone after Jackson. I think the the more pressing question is would Jackson have gone after Tommy especially since he told us that he would have gone after cliff. I personally think he he would have actually taken out cliff if he still won this show which he probably would have at which point. Nicole is heading to the final three with Tommy and Jackson which might increase your chances of getting to the final two but not great for chances of winning the game aim necessarily certainly though I think still a better spot for her in general take Tommy but from from cliffs point of view I really do see the other side of it where especially if he is anticipating a mental competition at the final four zero basically has always been than him and Nicole have a much better chance of beating Jackson and holly if they do at the final four Jackson's gone they have a really great shot at beating holly at part three at at at the final three wage in than they're both in the final two together which is great for cliff especially if Nicole doesn't have a great move on her resume like breaking up the showman's so I think there's still a great case to be made for the move to to get rid of Tommy even though it didn't play out the way that that cliff wanted to to forever those great big brother Debates Yeah Julie Julie I. I thought it was very tough with cliff tonight. saying that she was she was Julie. I think definitely felt like big big. Mistake should should have voted out holly in that spot that she moore's like her. China like shade him. I took it more as like like. She was. Just overall disappointed that he was even listen to what avert oh. Here's one of the questions. She asked him about the side like a cliff. What were you thinking. What world would he take click hog over his girlfriend to the final two yeah. He's yeah I mean Julia that clip totally I. I guess I didn't hear that during the episode that you're reminded me of on my season when Elissa went on the double illicit was like oh I think mccray A and Julia similar. She was like wait what the showman slow down the other now. What are you Juliet very pro. Tremendous are going to stick together. Break them up when I tweeted about season fifteen a few months ago and I got dragged through this now it was like I loved season fifteen and everyone's yeah yeah I mean I believe me first season. I was like what's touching on. It like growing believe me. I know like it's like people. Just like people think you're a horrible horrible horrible and I'm like I didn't cast this season. I'm like I didn't think it is not my father. I'm sorry that they were there. Were beautiful winner. Okay tearing anything else from Julie's interview with cliff that we learn tonight. I don't think so I mean when she went in on him. You know with how much love she showed Tommy and did make me wonder if a little bit of her was like you should have kept him in Dr Cliffs. You get rid of Tommy my blame cliff and the four ruining the season that having Nicole or cliff lift the winner I think would have been maybe the better story for Big Brother or Tommy Yeah. Everyone's been twitter has just been a buzz with Britain saying that production is cheating for Jackson in what World Production Jackson to win like Jackson versus recall that they should make like the next the next competition just like noticing if there are birds around like why. Why on Earth would they want Jackson to win. Everyone hates Jackson. I think they would be much happier than coal one. I don't like and also I want to say every freaking out about Jackson apparently saying that production was cheating for him. I know exactly exactly what he was talking about like when you ring a Buzzer and can even better for this. There's no day like their producers being like you gotta get someone. I yeah they're ringing the BUZZER and I'm sure they were just like no. That's what he's referring to because you never get a buzzer you know do you. Do you have any means so that there was a talk about people saying a. of the question was being restated so it's like like he was getting around and I'm sure they were just restating the question. You know what I'm saying like chocolate. There is no way you got it right. It's like this is again. The you'll hear chatter for a second and then it's like you want like Andy but this is the age old story of Big Brother. When it's when it's somebody that the fans don't like they they will police every ticky tack like that was done by the procedure was not done correctly technically not allowed to tell people who you're nominating off the started started change dot org petition literally early so crazy though when it comes down to that because if we have the majority of all we could all sit here and be like we don't think? Mickey's deserving to win. You guys are literally insane. If you think that production doesn't think same aliens we think we think that Jackson is I'm here today. mckeon we need. Jackson is an asshole auctioning. It doesn't asshole us not when I saw that on twitter earlier when I saw someone was like China like make him win. It was like I know firsthand. That is lit surely not so. It's so crazy when I read shit like that. Yeah Sam Okay and then just the on the other foot where if it's like a fan favorites in trouble. It's like bake another veto right making like change the rules. Just throw the throw the rule book out the window because we gotta fix this our favorite instead we have to talk about. We saw so much from the jury tonight. Andy doesn't know anything about the jury house Caitlyn Gosh..

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