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Homeowners for the extra cameras security systems, lighting, gun safety courses that we are having today. Keith devos with DSHS explaining the agency does not set the amount operators will be paid. The court would order this state to pay whatever the whatever is requested in approved through the hearing. But the provider is asking for nap is currently the only offender in the Enumclaw house, but the operators are allowed to house up to 6. There is a move in Olympia to reinstate drug possession laws after the existing law was struck down by a judge, giving law enforcement, few options to deal with drugs. One bill being considered would require anyone convicted of drug possession to face mandatory rehab, and if they don't go, then they would get an automatic 45 days in jail. The man accused in a deadly crash involving a forklift in Seattle is held on $300,000 bail. Prosecutors believe tanu motu who worked at a metal salvage business along aurora avenue was driving before cliff drunk when he crashed into an SUV, causing a chain reaction crash. A 25 year old woman was killed in the crash. Moto is facing vehicular homicide and DUI charges. Mary Nam, coming up. They can watch online tonight, but there will be no fans at the girl's basketball game at Peninsula high school. I'm Carly Johnson with the story. Two 34 traffic every ten minutes on the forest from the high performance homes traffic center. Here's Kimi. If you're driving through tech willa be careful 'cause I'm noticing a new backup forming on south and I 5 to south of MLK junior way towards inner urban avenue so something is going on right before that exit I just haven't gotten a camera shot of it yet. Then it's gonna be slow again right at the south center hill on south on I 5 and once you pass it, you're good to go all the way through Federal Way Tacoma into Olympia. But I am noticing a bit of a backup form on westbound 16 into coma from I 5 towards Sprague where there's some activity in the gore point not blocking though. South then one 6 seven's already a slow go south of algona towards jovita boulevard in northam one 6 7 is struggling just north of one 80th and Renton right up and onto northbound four or 5 towards Talbot. Now, south on four O 5 is already a 35 minute drive from Bellevue to Renton. Self Ivan is Seattle is busy south of 85th towards I 90, we're starting to break a little bit more around mount Lake terrace on northbound 5 over the county line, then again briefly around the 405 interchange in linwood and already very difficult to getting north of the Boeing freeway in Everett towards marine view drive. This support is sponsored by Jackson Hewitt, everyone knows that time is money. Go to Jackson Hewitt today for up to $3500 with no interest, no fee tax refund advanced loan for eligible clients, loans by republic bank and trust company, details at Jackson Hewitt dot com. Your next northwest traffic at two 44. And the forecast sponsored by northwest crawl space services. Here's on. A pleasant afternoon around western Washington are partly sunny skies, upper 40s to lower 50s for our highs. Overnight lows are going to drop down to the 30s in some spots where it will

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