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Foxnewshealth dot com HouseCall for health I'm Elliot Fox news Hey an. SS news now I'm. Dan O'Neill the White House says it may revoke the, security clearances a former Obama, administration officials losing, your clearance, really dings your ability to earn money after you've left. The government, you know, by example when, FBI lawyer Lisa page and h Peter Struck left the FBI or were forced out of. The FBI they lost their clearances, as well which had to be restored in order for them to give those deposition depositions in a closed session to the two. House committees the only thing that I would say is that we're really in unchartered territory because in seventeen years that I've covered the intelligence community here. In Washington I've never seen a group of former intelligence officials be so a public so open in their. Political views after they have left office, that's, FOX's Catherine Herridge reporting, from Washington a Republican candidate who survive A legal challenge to his right to run for the Kansas house has been appointed to fill a short term. Vacancy in the same seat Republican, activists in the eighty fifth district Saturday chose businessman Michael camps to replace former state Representative Chuck Weber after Weber resigned to become. Executive director of the Kansas Catholic conference partly cloudy skies with overnight lows around seventy one mostly sunny on Tuesday daytime highs ninety one sixty seven Tuesday. Night under mostly clear skies it's mostly sunny eighty nine k. n. s. s. news now I'm Dan Neil. This is what Utah's number one talk, ninety, eight seven and thirteen, thirty k. n. s. s..

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