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You've been on this week. Three the Vikings are one of the best teams in the NFC. Do you think they can make a challenge. Go deep in the playoffs. You saw Randolph hitting his head on the goal post. A couple of times and tight in digs is one one of the best receivers in the game and Dow Cook has more yards. Ready for this big Christian McCaffrey on the season. Backfield and Eddie's dual threat so. I've always like a Mike. Zimmer led team because they embody toughness absolutely move onto another one of the best teams in the NFC. And that is the the Green Bay packers. They hosted the Cam Newton Panthers and I'll look pretty good. You saw Aaron Jones getting the end zone early a couple of times but Alan. What's the snow started falling? He started that ball around and he looked pretty good for the panthers. Jalen rose man. You argue about this. You always say there is no such thing as moral victories. But if you're the panthers there's literally one inch away from winning the game or at least getting into to chance to get two point conversion to feel pretty good about it if you're the panthers absolutely especially cannolis conditions in Green Bay and that's why I like teams in the Mid West and on the east coast to play outside because in creates a distinct stink whole field advantage. And that's what worked in green based favor Aaron Jones with terrific again as a dual threat running back having three touchdowns their defense as we continue to be stopped. Winning needed to be Christian. McCaffrey is going to get his rush yards against anybody. I figured that out so Aaron Rodgers. Here's a guy that hasn't been spectacular. This year I have my fantasy football team. Killing had nine points yesterday. He's only gone up with twenty points twice this this year. It just to those games were so very spectacular. You get devante Adams back. He went up over one hundred yards. This is a great way for the packers on their home field. You say that Aaron Rodgers hasn't been spectacular this year. And you're absolutely right but one of the reasons is just. How good Aaron Jones is this team to create a bounceback? I can't think of a running back better than Aaron Jones. Jones has played with for like five years. It's nice to have that as the packers and they have a much improved defense and as you mentioned they have that home field advantage. When the snow's falling Lambeau Abo- they're just tough? To beat Allan Though Allan was not on our radar six weeks ago seven weeks ago but he played really well in that game made some really tough throws we're talking about the best teams in the NFC. Bring up the Vikings and we bring up the packers team that we would have put in that conversation the saints they lost and they didn't get beat they lost bad into the falcons. Jalen.

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