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Man, rich, bald head is gonna explode. But thanks to Johnny Hekker good conversation. There's nothing I've Dunmore for the kicking brand than anybody in the world, not named Pat McAfee. I think kickers were really interesting. That's why we book as many kickers and punters as we can. That's a really good conversation. So my thanks to him. 1 806 368686 Let's get some reaction in here. Dear Jim did Victor called Tiger for tips on where to stop and eat while driving to the next stop. Jerry in Phoenix. I don't think my man needs help. I think Vic's got under control. He knows where to go, You know is how to get there. And most importantly, he knows what to drink. And what the bump. He's got no time to stop. None. Romy. What's the first thing I think of when you say red Bull and metal music easy. Angry sex. Regards. Mm. A guy She often Lincoln War do house. Bostonian, 86 is in He tweets Rome. What do we do when we travel to golf tournaments? We take our shirts off four games, right? Freaking legend, a freaking legend representing Orange County,.

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