Mohammed Bin Salman, Saudi Arabia, Ritz Carlton discussed on BBC World Service


Prince of Saudi Arabia. They know exactly what they are doing some of those. They are harshly treating have been milking their country for years back then Mohammed bin Salman known as and Bs what stoked off as a hero for tackling corruption. But interviewed by the BBC sounded a note of caution. The message from Muhammad bin Salman to these people seems to be quite simple. We want the money back. Yes. I think Rita sorority should give him the benefit of the doubt. But on the same time, it shouldn't that be discussed in a consultative body. Yes, we need to crush corruption. But it is being done by one man rule. I shook concerns seemed to be supported by the allegations emerging from the Ritz Carlton allegations that the detainees hadn't just been stripped of their wealth, some had been tortured. A key figure in the interrogation was Saudi Connie when journalists Nick Pelham went to interview Mohammad bin Salman and Bs in two thousand and sixteen for the economist magazine, he remembers meeting autonomy. He was introduced to with being the man responsible for information and the media in the kingdom. I think increasingly he became the gatekeeper offering organi access to 'em Bs and the same way that Mohammed bin Salman control access to the king pharaoh Qahtani would control access to be. And that he was that all you had to go through if you wanted to to reach decision making in Saudi Arabia..

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