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In New Jersey Tracy PNL is reporting over seventy six hundred without power mostly in Monmouth while PSE and G. is saying they have eighty one hundred customers with no power half in Mercer county it's three oh five it looks like the nine eleven victims compensation fund bill hit a snag wins the in the Senate a proposal was made on the Senate floor to pass the bill unanimously Kentucky Republican rand Paul objected Long Island Republican congressman Peter king is furious this is typical of rand Paul especially when it comes to issues and that he thinks involves New York hole in you tab Republican Michael lazy they're concerned about the ten billion dollar price tag if they were just we responsible they would have voted yet for a tax break for the billionaire nine eleven advocate John feel has led the lobbying effort in Congress he remains confident we are going to get legislation passed with without them Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has promised to vote in feel believe they'll get it the reason sufficient support Peter has told WCBS newsradio one eight eighty Wednesday in lower Manhattan on the five year anniversary of the twenty fourteen police chokehold death of Eric garner on Staten Island hundreds of protesters are blocking center street here right now walking south to lower Manhattan after a rally that was held on Foley square a rally that was highlighted bike one car air gardener's mother calling again for mayor de Blasio to fire and Y. P. D. officer Daniel Pantaleo when that is what this crowd wants these hundreds and hundreds of protesters here most of them young adults.

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