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The catch and they were trying to catch it. And they just had all these experts. They were trying to catch it with dead bait and everything was going wrong. And I'm just watching it going warrant they asking someone who knows what is wrong with these people anyway, finally decimated all the Koi move. The coin they got rid of the artist and the kept quoting people. And they kept saying, oh, well, someone must have purposely put the otter there, and I'm thinking no offer swim. We've have lots of water. Anyway, finally, they get a quote, this one guy who said, well, he didn't take the bus when they were asking, you know, how did the get there? They finally find some footage of the otter just basically swimming on up and crawling on under the gates. And you know, nobody put it there. So that was another myth that drove me crazy. And then this morning on the news. They showed this eagle swimming. They said, and isn't it funny how he likes to swim? Now, he doesn't like to swim. Somehow his feathers got wet. And now he has to climb up on a log and dry them off before he can fly. But what are they put the stuff out there without checking with somebody? Knows animals. What myths have you got to share? Because this got to be something as a cat expert that just drives you nuts. That's dislike everybody thinks. But it's not true. Well, I think the biggest one is depending on the supply industry to determine what's best for your cats. I speak people all the time. And they'll say, oh, the cat doesn't like the litterbox. It's like, well, how big is your litterbox? Well, I, you know, I bought it at a pet co or I bought it at PetSmart, and with the exception of one particular litterbox, which is the pet mate giant litter boxes big and people assumed because they can buy a litterbox at the store. It's a good one. And the truth is the litterbox should be at least one and a half time the length of the cat. So that he can get in and move around. And it's just an assumption. Well, the pet store sells it so my speech. Yes. It's not. Go to the hardware store and buy something that they mixed concrete in. It's a much better litterbox. Oh, interesting. Okay. And cheaper to probably. Yeah. Absolutely. I've got a couple of them. They're called utility tubs. And you use it to drag rocks around in or excursion Prete, and they're just so much better than a normal litterbox 'cause they're big they're like two feet by three feet and their high because you're mixing stuff in it. So, you know, it's by okay. But let's just say if you do have an elderly cat, it might be too high. You do have to make sure your litterbox, actually. You're right. Yes. And kittens, you know, you want to encourage you want the the optimum situation for your cat. And what I'm talking about normal healthy, adult cat. So. Yeah, you're right. Older cats. Make sure it's got a low entry. You know, you can what you can do is. You can take us on you can make a whole to make to get in and out of and I do that. Okay. Well, we've been talking to dusty rainbow bolt. And I'm going to ask you to come back until follow up show because I wanna talk to you about my new kitten. I saved that gets you to come back, and we're gonna new kidding right on. Okay. And I'm also going to ask you about natural remedies. You know, sometimes I think people think the word natural..

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