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Bringing you the next generation of health information here the healthiest two hours on radio. Our diet tip of the week. The snowman says stop having intimate dinners for two unless of course, there's another person at the table beside you a lot of people eat for two people, and they're they're only eating for themselves. All right. You've heard of people being put on life support when faced with a health or medical crisis. But there's also something that will enhance your life possibly making it longer and healthier. And you can do it yourself put yourself on a health span support nutrient program like those found in televised. And here to tell us more is the formulator of televised. Rob Martin, rob. Let's let's go nutrient by nutrient if we have time just very briefly and talk about the fourteen key nutrients in this formula the formula that's going to lengthen telomeres, and and it's fully researched and tell us why these are so effective and doing that. Yes. A new you hit on important issue before that ingredients for productivity evidence-based. The ingredients have to be identical to the study in terms of the form of the ingredient and the potency precise. Unfortunately starts you products out there like that. But everything we haven't hit thirty nine ingredients are evidence based let specifically at the him. Promote is this all listed on the website? We get all that all those addresses later, but we're totally transparent. We're the most transparent people you'll see everything about the product the supplement packs on and on and on. Plus, I have a video library with all sorts of issues related to this. Okay. You were talking about vitamin d now you have to be up at the two thousand are you level of vitamin d to have an impact on telomeres studies? Tell us this incredible study from two thousand seven and this is in the American journal clinical nutrition, they looked at twenty one hundred sixty women, and it was it was amazing how high of vitamin d levels were related to. Fewer aging related changes in their DNA. But guess what they would more likely to have longer telomeres, in fact, five years different in telomere, h that's just one ingredient a five year difference in telling your agent, in fact, we we also get the same study with the same result, we green tea, but what's interesting here in another study here, they say, the researchers say our data suggested vitamin d may improve telomere maintenance and prevent cells senescence. Now, we talked to all right? Yes. Counteract the celebration of cellular agent raspberry troll. Of course, we all know that it's the longevity nutrient were nutraceutical why people drink red wine. But unfortunately, it takes what thirty or three hundred glasses of red wine to give you an effective daily dose. Right. Yeah. Yeah. You'll liberal blow up. Exactly that's for sure. So we have the raspberry. I don't have to be labor that everyone knows that. It's a powerful life extending ingredient. Then we have things like elk harnessing, you're not gonna see CARNOT saying in a multivitamin, but we have it because it has been shown to protect and Layton telomeres. It's a wonderful ingredient. It's fights collide -cation, which we could do a whole other show, right? Very dangerous thing they've been your body. And so it's fight stack. But it also will extend those that we have natural wonderful under the great detoxify as Clara Clara, one of the reasons, it'd be toxic side. So well, the cleans your cells because it clears out damage DNA including telomere lengths late today. It's a it's a remarkable substance. And so we have it in their again, all based on research studies, not just you know, hippy dippy do. All right. The next house that grape seed polyphenols now OPEC, those are the active ingredients grapeseed polyphenyls, they are perhaps amongst probably one two or three most powerful natural substances. We know and these old PC's really I have a tremendous impact on your DNA. And you're telling me you're late for tickets oxidative stress free radicals. And so it's in there like museums in there. It is a wonder substance also, and it among many things magnesium. Does it really helps your body repair damage DNA, very important in telomere lengthening, El Nino, other ingredients combinations of ingredients like, for example, when you put Luccin dancing and vitamin steets together, which we have in there that also is associated with longer tell them you're late in elderly people. Should we want to help people that are not just twenty five years old and running marathons in looking like ATI built us? We we're dealing with people had a baby boomers and seniors. And I'm particularly interested in looking at studies that impact them, not not, you know, young Jim rats, and all I'm looking at studies professor Bruno that really impact people in the middle years and an elderly. That's what people need to help and prevention and help, and you know, a lot of people, rob if I could just energy. A lot of people listening saying, oh, my doctor says if I eat a good diet. I don't need supplements. Let me just. Talk about vegetables because nobody eats enough green vegetables. Right. And I'm looking at some of the ingredients and the televised product and a looting in particular, which you just mentioned also which is found in green vegetables. Here's my guideline for the amount of vegetables that people eat what people wanna do is double the amount then add twenty percent, and that's probably the right amount of vegetables. They actually need to be eating for optimal health. Nobody eats enough. And the average American gets like twelve percent of the recommended daily number of servings of vegetables, they they really need for good health. So it's wise to as an insurance policy to take something like this, which you're going to get and Latinas great for eyesight and a lot of formulas contain it. So I mean, there's so many. And you don't get vitamin wrist unscrewing all the separate bottles. I mean, this would cost you five times more than if you bought all these things separately. Right. I mean, there's no doubt about it. And there's a lot of things to be healthy vision, CNN, Sandton and other ingredients are and all of the the great probably funeral things. They would degrade seeds and all that we have in here that will help division, and you you recommend that you take what I took to this morning of the televised. And then I wouldn't take one with lunch. So is that about the right spacing of it? Everybody's different. I mean, it's in three small tablets, as you know. And they're easy to swallow and pharmaceutical grade some people who eat three meals take one with each meal that way you keep your blood levels up throughout the day. Right nutrients, you know, discipline, certainly. Some more than others. Dissipate. Quickly spread it out. Okay. Everyone's different. Okay. Well, this is this is interesting. I have an article in front of me about slashing stress with mid day. B's meaning B-vitamins adrenal glands. Release hormones called glucocorticoid, which I'm sure you're familiar with that help you sell through the day hectic days by raising your spirits coming your nerves and shielding your brain from negative effects of the hormone cortisol. The problem is that because corticosteroid released dips in the middle of the day leaving you feeling stressed and kind of edgy Japanese..

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