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What were you getting frustrated at this point? I know. Yeah, well, the problem was, is Craig Patrick, we're going to go through contract and he said, I love Craig. So I knew he was trying to do. Yeah, you don't want to get moved all the time. You know, Pittsburgh and failure, the great franchise I'd rather say those two places. And then I went to LA where the bankruptcy with the Bruce McDonald and it was kind of crazy story with that. LA was down on the what's the story? Well, nobody knew, right? Everyone thought he was loaded and all of a sudden there was like, he went to jail, I think. I went to jail, yeah. Bank fraud. So what are the league take back the team? Well, another guy came in, they brought another guy. I forget his name, but they didn't have the money that Bruce pulled its supposedly had. And that was a whole different vibe in LA. We just weren't that good. And then I got traded to Boston. But I had fun. That's really about Wayne. I was in sales. Became boys, yeah. He was incredible. I mean, movie premieres I went to was great. Just riding around with, I ran his coattails, man. You know, we all the way to TNT. He had to do a couple of things in Vegas for nortel. He had to pay him like whatever. 150 grand to go speak and do some questions. He goes, hey, let's go to Vegas. So you want to go. Yeah, I'll go. So I took more jets that year and a half. A few actresses when you were playing in LA, huh? I would imagine. Yeah, back then. Yeah, Kate Hudson used to hang out. As a kid, Hudson? Yeah, she was around. Goldie's dotty. Is he really? Yeah, it's cool. It's Goldie's daughter, not Kurt's daughter though, yeah. She'll from Russell and all those girls on Buffy the Vampire Slayer grows. So. I mean, but I mean, despite moving around so much and maybe the team not being as good as the prior teams, you got to play with arguably the two greatest hockey players of all time and Wayne Gretzky and Mario Lemieux do people often ask you, what are the differences between the two? Yeah, I mean, listen, Meryl is a 6 foot 6 and Wayne 6 foot. So the height difference in the reach, that's a big advantage from Ariel, but for actual, they're the same guys though. Like they love getting jabbed in the room. They don't want to be treated as Wayne Gretzky Maryland. They were both really one of the boys. One of the boys, like both, I can't say enough. Wayne hated the fact that everybody's nervous around them. So Marty mcsorley was really good then because he'd rip them right in front of guys. Really? I was going to say, who is the guy that would always give it to him? Yeah, like you go, hey, graz tells all the actors that Janet used to date. Right in front of the room. And Wayne would just laugh and all the guys were like, oh my God, I can't believe you said that. But it actually was great for the guys because it loosened the guys up. As you kept playing longer and longer, I mean, you and my key and you had Scotty Bowman, all these coaches. Did you think I want to be a coach? Was that something at the end, the back 9? You started thinking about it. I want to stay in the game that way. You know why, when I retired, I was just going to want to chill. I just didn't want to do anything. But after I'm sorry, after three months of that, because I know that long. I'm a structured guy. I need structure. I'm going to get in trouble. If I don't have structure in my life, I'll get in trouble. So I said, so actually peer the Colorado called me in December and said, hey, we want to be an assistant coach. And I'm like, man, yeah. You see that team? Peter forsberg psychic. Oh my God. Blake, you know, Adam foot. Hey duke, tangy. That was an all star. And then lucky, I get to run the power play there. Talk about monkey on it behind the bench. Because I had Pittsburgh and I go to call her out with that with that power play. And we were like 30%. It was incredible. That power. I mean, we haven't gotten a chance to talk to him. I guess a ton of stories about forsberg, but just like your time with him there. What's his demeanor off the ice? Seems like just like the coolest guy in the world. Real cool guy. They actually back then, so it was in 2000 for some reason he had paper. You have the paper checks. Not the direct deposit. Yeah. And I remember he left a check and his adviser and it was in his visor so long a discolored. It was, you know, he was making back then. It's like a $400,000 check. Because the sun and all for a month and to finally accounting goes, hey, Peter, have you haven't cashed that check it? And he kind of searched around his car. It was his car for like two months. The $500,000 check. That's the way he was. He actually invested in Crocs, too. Yeah, so were you on the team when I apparently that somebody came in and threw them all on the ground, everybody, what the fuck are these things? He was one of the guys invested. You made a ton of money out there. That's how he made most of his dogs. So my understanding is it came down, but part of the agreement of him investing. I think he ended up throwing in like a quarter of a million or half a $1 million, but he asked for the Scandinavian rights if I'm saying that properly. They basically did something like that. You're right, this. And said, I'll invest in this, but I want the rights to overseas. And right afterward, it ends up popping off. And I probably made just as much investing in a carrot as he did playing hockey his entire career. The amount of nurses that wear them, that's like the game changer. Everyone in hospitals, which Crocs. It's crazy. That's how we made the dough. But he was so dominant and talking about a guy who, I mean, people talk about Mario's injuries, but forsberg, if he could have stayed healthy, who knows. If I saw it like a pay per view event, you know, you got, okay, I like to see this guy fight this guy. You know, pro written domi and then maybe see Mario one on one with the goal of your Wayne do his thing..

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