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Today. Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman were stabbed to death. June twelfth nineteen Ninety-four wasn't Intel early on the thirteenth of the bodies found, but the murders late on the night of the twelfth, then the announcement was made by the LAPD. Here's what it sounded like that day. Nicole brown. Simpson is the ex wife of O J Simpson after the murders OJ Simpson. And you may remember flew to Chicago. He was told about the murders made a quick trip back Simpson was contacted in Chicago and voluntarily returned to Los Angeles. I meet with investigating officers within a couple of hours, the LAPD day was questioning Simpson that he was a potential witnesses attorneys and went in front of microphones and said, hey, look, whatever turns out here, he didn't do nothing to do with tragedy. He hasn't been accused of being involved in that we have had any effect along that line at all in the following day's, he would become a suspect he would be charged agreed to turn himself in, but instead as many of us, remember, he took off on that infamous white Bronco chase and then the trial happened he was, eventually acquitted on that on the criminal charges. There was a civil trial in nineteen Ninety-seven found liable for wrongdoing thirty three million dollars is what he has supposed to pay the families, but. They haven't seen any of that money, and still he continues to, to live his life after his time in prison for that Las Vegas case, the hotel room, armed robbery and kidnapping have there been anybody has there been anyone excuse me. That was a part of the jury that says I was wrong that O J was guilty. You know, and not flat out of that way. And of course, this was a trial that separated along racial lines in much of America, that there was a lot of debate about this created a lot of discussion about number of different issues about race about wealth with the dream team that he was able to, to buy. But still, there is the debate in this country over whether he did it or didn't do it. And remember there was a book that was written several years ago, the that if I did it or if I killed her right, didn't sparked everything back up again that this will continue on. Likely long past his time on earth, long past our time on earth that we will probably never know. But most people, it seems are pretty steadfast in what they believe in, whatever it is a day believe, and that is how they see how the, the case went down and out of crime went down. And the circumstantial evidence was still quite telling I thought until he tried on the glove, and even that he found out his hand just say, that's, that's my Alex. Thanks for your time. It's forty it's Alex stone. ABC news,.

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