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I didn't think anything of it i don't i wouldn't think anything of it okay next up splits ville news oh so much spitz spits split spill these days so much what's it like it's split spill population one thousand split spill population johnson then that bella and jeff letham colton haynes nikki bella may be living in her sister breathe velez house but she is still quote spending nights with exfiancee johnson at his apartment source exclusively tells us weekly honestly this makes me happy mitchell nikki has moved out of john's apartment even though she very much wanted to after the wedding was called off the source tells us adding tina co doesn't want hundred have to deal with moving after everything that they've been through a couple very kind because moving his probably the worst thing second to break a week before it wedding nikki were built in the youtube video on tuesday that she was staying with brian her husband brian quote kind of been my i've kind of been hiding out the total star told fans in the video i wanted to reach out to you on thank you all for your support i can't tell you how much it's meant to me especially through a difficult time so yes she still sleeping with john cena and like is she sleeping with johnson or at his apartment without john sina spending nights with john cena at his apartment good honestly like i really want them to get back together and okay so marriage wasn't the right adding you for them but like can't we figure out a way to make this work like they need to sit down with like a negotiator knowing mediator so look like he doesn't wanna have kids or get married and she wants both to let's do one maybe they shouldn't get married maybe they should just have kids like in the civil court chip whatever domestic no it's called a i remember from alan gregory he says when your roommates with someone and then for ten years and then your marriage partner what's it called domestic partner it's mesic partner.

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