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Turnovers, great atmosphere was amazing. To give them a good show all the way down to the last possession. Jalen LeBron James in his home uniform and his new home arena last night for the first time, all the Laker vans or out with the jerseys, and they've all got the cell phones. And here's the first moment that they were all waiting to see. It's gonna take me a second to get used to see in the Brown and purple and goal, but that's the vast improvement in his game. Right. Did a confidence to pull up from three in transition. Obviously, the fans are there to see the ball, the ball Jalen hill child. So wrong game for crying out loud LeBron James play fifteen minutes in this game as he did it in their first preseason game, which was on the road. So they're getting giving the fans of chance to see him a little bit here and playing a little bit with teammates. And yeah, a lot of different sort of optional, I guess, in these preseason games. Absolutely. This is like a high pay scrimmage game. Don't wanna get anybody into Josh patchy play. Well, he's going to get overshadowed clearly, Brian, James. This is a great hustle play Barbara, John Rondo the dime give up a good past to get a great Lael for what it's worth. The nuggets win it by two, not worth anything. LeBron thirteen points five out of six from the floor in fifteen minutes of action. But you know, it was interesting because there's been all this talk about like we'll Laker fans fully accept LeBron because there's so many of them still love Kobe and on the. Day that LeBron places first game staple center somehow Kobe Bryant still managed to steal the show, at least. Everybody see this. Let's go back to two thousand ten because one of the legendary figures a legendary images of Kobe Bryant's entire career is Matt Barnes. Throwing the ball faking it at his face and it not him not even flinching, but now for the first time yesterday people get to see maybe it isn't exactly what we thought. What did you make of this? Well, I was actually watching this game and they got tangled up a couple of times during the game and sold the energy. And the gravity of that moment was huge because if you notice Kobe garden inbound, but he don't have his hands up. That's normally what you wanna got to be doing defensively mad bars. He's taken the ball out. You want him to be surveying the floor, but he wanna to make sure that he threw a little jab at Colby in basketball. Normally by taking the ball, I like Gimmie three feet, don't violate my personal space dog. So that's kind of a Kobe's door before Matt bars. It was a moment that Koby epic. We didn't flinch ninety. Nine point. Nine percent of us would have flinched even though it wasn't directly in his and I tell you something. I feel like I just found out that superman can't fly. Like yesterday. I've always said that's not even a moment of a human being, right? I mean, that's where the Black Mamba became the Black Mamba like, oh my God, you throw the ball in his face. He doesn't even move. Now when I see that it wasn't really in his face, I feel I don't know. I feel let down. I was felt like, oh my goodness. How did this happen to me? So the moment is, is going not what we thought it was right. I'm not knocking Kobe. He was where he was, but it was a moment that just sort of felt like it meant something that now does feel on this. I promise I play so much basketball. This is a moment. The fans immediate clearly have overrated because of the parties involved that happens hundreds of times and people don't have a reaction. And yet that one was supposed to be good. Talked about the impact Julian element will have on the patriots. Now it's time to answer the important question. How will it affect Damien? Woody power, rankings. We will look at those and is major league baseball. Finally, ready to shed the perception that they're unwritten rules. Take the fun out of the game. They release something on social media yesterday that stunned and delighted me, we will show it to you next. Get up is brought to you by Geico. Fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. All right. We are back with our NFL insider. Dan, Grazziano, Dan, you're with us a few minutes ago..

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