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I am here to remind you that life is a journey of obstacles lent to be overcome and I'm eager to share mine in here about your house. For you I'm the woman I once needed and together, we will explore exactly what it takes to deconstruct and reinvent who we are and what we know in order to feel on and become very best selves. Base is that moment my friend? Right here right now. Welcome. Hello beautiful humans. Welcome back to another episode of the holistic PT Podcast this is episode Number Twenty eight in this episode is entirely dedicated to my online. He'll her program going to unpack it for you. I'm going to give you all the goods and I'm really going to help you understand what the program is, how it works, how much it costs. And whether or not you and. This is such a beautiful way for me to do this with you, and I'm really grateful few taking the time because sometimes sometimes it's nice to really feel into you know something that we may be committing time our energy off finances to and I wanNA make sure you have all of the information before you consider starting this journey with me So we'll keep it relatively short Surrey. Perhaps, you'd like to take me on a walk today perhaps you would like to. Sit on your bed with your window open and just feel the breeze. listen to the sounds of Nate Shaw on I, Get your journal ad and just really drop into yourself and. And just really feel just really feel how this. In how this could really be a gift to you and him I sound he my voice, he my words and. And Really, feel for the Yes really feel for the Naro. Both completely fine both completely or K.. So I have actually done an episode on. He'll her before this was a third I. Think it was episode Number Eight. But that woman who recorded that sorry is I mean she still the same woman, but she's long gone. And Sir, I wanted to bring year a new episode and you break down and you unpacking. Now, fuel Hiya your most likely curious about me. You know I always like to start here. if you're here, you're listening if you're if you're really taking in these words remorse luckily curious about me, not necessarily my program and I say this because I'm the same. You know when I'm looking to work with someone and I'm GonNa explain to you. How I sort of do that you know when I'm looking to work with someone it's I'm rarely ever looking at the program looking at the person I'm looking at how they live looking at how they hold themselves and looking at how they show up. I'm looking at their energy I'm looking at how they really do be things in the Walden and how they show up differently. If you know if things are different in the world, I'm looking at so many different things our. Chances are actually curious about the woman that I am and how I hold myself and the words that I era in the ways that I teach and most likely the sense of calm in love that I tend to express while also simultaneously standing up for what I believe in our So you most likely curious about the life I have the businesses built the ways I create freely, and perhaps even the way I n vulnerable in talking about how things and sharing from my heart. You know I mentioned before about sitting on your bed and dropping into yourself and opening your window and feeling. The Wind, you are listening to the sounds an HR. That all sounds really. I know how that sounds. But. I know that something that's so beautiful for me, and so I share from my heart. You've probably heard my story and perhaps are curious about how a woman goes from. Experiencing severe anxiety and panic attacks and really really struggling with perfectionism and and controlling everything about what she does, which she eats when she eats how much she eats when and how much she exercises how often checks assizes a woman who was incessantly worried about what others think of her truly. And her body, mostly her body and even in recent times her work how this actually you know what I think of think about my work. And of course, those little other things like you know what other people think about her title in the Kashi drives in the house she lives in and where she lives in the man, she marries the curry should take an inner all things. But I, think from what I sense from a lot of a you beautiful humans literally the people who follow me is that. You're most curious about the way I leave. The way live one moment at a time one heartbeat at the time. and. In a sense and it's not always easy plays. He me I'm definitely not perfect but this this this energy I have around trusting life so implicitly And following my joy. Right and Feel like this is something that draws people you know and I say this because it's what drew me and This is what dreamy in about my coaches and my teaches was always super curious about how they could do that how they could just trust and let go surrender to life. It was always something that just astonished meows lack. Wow, right. Now here, I am leaving breeding, embodying being this woman. And it's really it's not really that curious. You know what we see in others and desire for ourselves is simply a reflection of how capable you are. Cal Capable. I am how capable we are and how in many many ways you have everything that you need already right. So this program. It's not designed to fix you right. It's not designed to change. U. K If you see a woman who is powerful and strong and wise and intuitive. You're saying yourself baby. You're saying yourself right? Because we cannot see in others what we do not possess in ourselves already right And that's why you may have heard the term that we're all MIRA's for one another. Sorry, this podcast is really just an invitation for you to dance with the idea that you already have everything that you need and what I'm offering to. You is simply a platform to really honest that access it to tap into it and feel supported to be sister feel held insane as you do that you.

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