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Striker and client. Cara Que Hello, client and I won't let you guys know that you make my commute grade every day. That's so nice. You really appreciate them. Could you say that again when we give you our boss's cell phone number? Could you call him and tell him Yeah, I'll call him right away, So don't bother. He won't be up for a couple of hours. It's a free for all our request with striker Fine You've never called us now's a great time to do it. 805 20106 70 could also text Instagram and Twitter. Is striker inclined You're on K Rock. What do you want to hear Your Beastie Boys? What you want? Oh, yeah, of course. What's your name? My name is Ernie from Grozny. Ernie from Rosemead. How about personality? No, no, And he's got a great personality to a two minute break, Ernie, and then the first song will be your Beastie.

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