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Listener of this podcast, Paul risdale. He tweeted us to say Minnesota United FC or 8 two in one in the last 11, best in MLS. We deserve a mention. There you go, you got your mention. Right, you do deserve a mention loans up to third now in the west, but here's what's good about it. They have a really tough schedule to end the season. So this is why what they've done here is so good. I think since the end of June, they've got the most points of anybody in MLS. They fattened up. That is what good teams do. You gather up those points because you've now given yourself a little bit of a margin for error. We know how tight the race is in the Western Conference. So good for them. They got themselves into good positioning here and it feels like you're looking at a playoff team. And I got to say too, I've mentioned this guy before, but Emmanuel Renault, so he'd be on my short list of players that I enjoy watching the most in this league. He's one of Andrew's people. He's heating up, putting in goals now, though not this past weekend, but his passing is incredible. Adrian heath has been on him to shoot more. But Jim suhan, who had a piece, I think it was in the star tribune, wrote about Renault, so he said no matter how many goals he scores or no sos artistry will be in his deft touch pass. Sometimes with the outside of his foot, that looks innocuous until the ball skips past defenders and into open space where only his teammates can reach it to pass better than Renault so you need to use your thumbs. And that's not allowed. Nope. It means only he can do it. He's a great player. So there you go, Paul risdale. Minnesota, United FC, props to him. One more break. We'll come back. We got a mailbag. It's a good mail bag. You got to come back from the mayor. And you've got things that you saw on the Internet. I have a couple as well. I only put one in. Just I had a whole lord. I'll actually mention another. Okay, so you do have more than one. I have two. All right. So we've got all that still to come here on cutoff side. Closing it out here. On the podcast this week, don't have too much to say about it, but

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