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Does nothing to help his politics what does serve more than eight years in prison for trying to sell Barack Obama Senate seat when he became president back in two thousand eight president trump called look away which is punishment excessive what does one of eleven people pardon tore commuted by the president yesterday a lawyer for Julian assigned she says the wikileaks founder plans to claim during his extradition hearing that the trump administration offered to pardon him if he agreed to say Russia was not involved in leaking Democratic National Committee emails songes fighting extradition to the U. S. on spying charges that hearing in London the lawyer said there was evidence that one congressman Dana Rohrabacher delivered the pardon offer on president trump's instructions back in twenty seventeen the White House says the claims are complete fabrication and a total lie three eighteen on KYW in time to check sports and not only on this year and this sports reporter sponsored by septa don't just tap your septic he flashes for money saving parks learn more at ice of the Philly dot com slash Burke we start with college basketball number twelve Villanova Big East road game tonight the Wildcats will visit the Paul Villanova nineteen and six eight and for the big east the ball thirteen and twelve just one and eleven in conference now these two teams played a tight game at the pavilion back on January fifteenth wild cats actually needed overtime to pull out a seventy nine seventy five when tonight's game out in Chicago gets under way at nine o'clock let's sell also in action tonight the explorers will host ornament in Atlantic ten matchup lasalle eleven and thirteen Fordham seven and seventeen this game gets under way at eight o'clock at goal arena women's college basketball the temple women already have picked up a win today they beat Memphis seventy eight sixty four me eight Davis twenty three points to lead the al's later on lasalle one thirteen V. C. U.'s Saint Joe's on the road the hawks will visit Davidson it was another day work for the Phillies down in clear water spring training continues grapefruit league opener set for Saturday against Detroit flyers return to action tomorrow night when they visit the Columbus blue jackets the same Columbus team the fliers smack last night at the centre five to one wires now Reno against Columbus and with seventy three point they've moved into third place in the metropolitan division and the seventy Sixers practiced today out in Camden of course they're getting ready to return from the NBA all star break in tomorrow night they will host Brooklyn right now Leon with this at three twenty with heavy delays on both sides.

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