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Berman and Michael read off what more of New York is waking up to W. O. R. a few minutes ago Joe we're dealing with some of the entertainment news of the day and and and one story that ran out we ran out of time let's see on Broadway final performances been announced for January the fifth I have to tell you I'm stunned I thought the show was just just to reflect they took the movie and they they made a horrific Broadway show they changed a lot of it and I thought it was just great and I'm frankly shocked they are going to go on a national tour which will start in buffalo next fall but she's like yeah hello ignore your a Broadway criticisms and your critiques from now on really only of the sea you thought was a great show I did so you know what I don't thought Hamilton sucks what a great show and did well and I just I'm looking forward to talking to Michael about it honestly because he feels he like he enjoyed like taught all right good show and yeah honestly the the person who who is the main character which of course not just blinking out right send Tina yes was fantastic he was great but there were a lot of great just like best level who was in the problem the problem was great people loved it but they have a short shelf of I think people just move on they see what see it in a move on now same Tino Fontana he won the Tony but I will tell you that the Michael real made a great point he said you know believe it or not the movie now is is old enough where wouldn't have the impact he said young people don't know the movie brand and they think it's some kind of trans gender with it they don't they don't know older right yeah there was a hold and that's kind of a delicate subject now yeah and I didn't yeah what's really interesting though is that these shows like you said have a life after Broadway they go out on the road and they make fun of money going across the country I toast ratio yeah Hey I so we're obviously Peter Caine yesterday making the big news that he will not seek a fifteenth term is a long island congressman we were the first interview he did yesterday morning at six forty well early on Omar you know the democratic a woman from a Minnesota she tweeted out good riddance Peter king is Islamophobia held McCarthy I hearings targeting American Muslims and there are too many mosques in this country and he blamed Eric garner for his own death at the hands of police well your king guy when you think you know I don't remember did did he hold these hearings on yeah how many years ago closes after nine eleven and it yeah so I was fully tuned in back there was the big debate about whether a mosque should be located near ground zero I remember that debate yeah yeah and I I mean I know what we did have a discussion early on when he was on the show the thought surveillance of moss was a good idea yeah yes I do remember that also you pointed out it does mention is the times article that he was once an ardent backer of the terrorist group the Irish Republican yeah he did yeah he's he's been seen with the sh the shin Fane leader Gerry Adams I guess when you're around long enough to gonna get John someone look at I didn't really have a disagreement with some on the supporting the IRA either so you had a lot of Irish people do yeah exactly Hey did you see the a police commissioner had to go Genya flecked in front of al Sharpton yesterday that surprised me white instructing go meet with him what exactly go to shop inside court right now that's that's the way it has to play these days you know and obviously what was on Sharpton's mind was the fact that German Shea was selected commissioner and not been Tucker at so.

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Berman, New York, JOE discussed on Len Berman and Michael Riedel in the Morning

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