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But take games, which is why Jonathan, the wiser guy is hurt, which is why you think Chad green fails and clutch situations because he's had 58 high leverage appearances this season already, and he's failed in 7 of them. So it's felt like a coin flip because you've watched a lot of public failures because it seems can't pull away no matter the opponent. So this is why we have situations like Jack Mayfield up with the bases loaded in an angels game, and of course he hits a Grand Slam. Any other team would be able to get Jack Mayfield to pop out bases loaded two out for Jack Mayfield is not a nerve wracking situation. Unless you're the 2021 Yankees, where you let your opponent back into the game no matter who that opponent is. And no matter how strong that opponent is, and no matter what picture you have phasing that. So it probably should have been more of a red flag during the 13 game winning streak that some of these wins were wandy Peralta getting Freddie Freeman with the bases loaded in Atlanta after coming back from a three one count. Or the Yankees blowing a 6 nothing lead behind Jameson Taiwan in Oakland, only to age out the as in the later innings. They were getting all of the karma brings. And that's very impressive. But they certainly weren't dominating these games. There were a few that felt efficient top to bottom and where the offense was picking up opportunities. The game, the first game in Atlanta stands out as one during that win street where I was like, wow, the ages took on the hottest human baseball and efficiently destroyed them. They got out of jams when they had to. They rarely face them. And they didn't have that many run scoring opportunities and they scored one or two runs every time they had guys on base. That was impressive. But far too many of those wins involved monster rally killing strikeouts, horrible offensive performances. I'm talking about the first coal Anaheim angels game where they won like two one or three two. I think it was two one and basically everything was first and second, no out strike out, double play. Like that game was terrible. They won it. I'm glad they did. I like wins. I'm glad they.

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