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Patrick reid i did that for you i did it for you patrick i did it for you because you know what i can't wait to root for you today and if this is ugly american sign me up i know everybody's in love with rory mcilroy and you can be i'm not i'm not i see patrick rita rickie fowler and i've decided i'm going on american today patrick read would you bring it home please would you bring it home police and what americans play internationally when they play internationally they are let's just say they're not being rooted for as if matters who crowd roots for who they they're not being rooted for internationally at the master's around a hundred and five miles from my house than augusta national today i hope to see a great outpouring of americans support for patrick reid that flag would back of the house this morning folks and it's okay we get it we get into patriotism about everything when it's the olympics people talk about it what it's the world cup soccer people talk about it they wrap themselves in their collective flags whoever they're rooting for and they show pride in their country patrick read it's just another reason i i have i know who patrick reid is but i'm a.

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