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Espn sat. no real conference this. We resist we but we must and we will much about that. Be commit on knife beyond your free for some yummy yummy roberts slack in glendale arizona. is another day that you would pronounce wrong. Generally speaking i would It's spelled s. L. a. g. h. t. In he pronounced its slack as promoted slate. Baby he's in glendale arizona. Three three three three three. It m i loved the show and please keep up the good work. I finally got in my act together and with this donation and the accounting below. I can become a night known as sir robert slack. I would like to be the classic or like that. I would like to classic hookers and blow for the roundtable and jingles. I'd like a little bill better to for you go. There's your there's your random number a climategate classic karma and if you can find it in the sound effect for the newell gun not the full jingle or the pew pew originally you had this limp. Sounds that i thought it was just perfect for the noodle gun what he's talking about. Necessarily but you might last the i would like to tell my lovely wife mell g. I think and adorable baby daughter audrey that i loved them. Here's to you guys. Never quit refined your strategy. Oh yes let me see. I think what he's talking about most likely is that is the original mattress or call. And here's the rest beyond your back for some one else. We got them all. You've got karma got a whole build back better jingle package totally ready just like see something. Say something. Do the elites ever call. Do they want the good work. Never not invented here exactly never not invented here. We have a couple donor show. I don't have notes for robert thatcher from cookeville tennessee. Three three three and joel nelson has this is not from. He's got his. I look i looked at with this email and joel. I found Your mail from june a bunch of other males but not this one atom has no i. I also looked. We have No i i have none of this. None of this came through. I have other notes. That were mia. Now these are these make goods these the ones that miser the make good so no this who..

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