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We talk about her being trapped in the middle of the woods. This is nineteen ninety three. There are cell phones. I I did not understand why after flying that executives CEO to her airport. Why he had to personally drive her to drive her there? Because when he was rather driver didn't he get back in the car and just go, I didn't he just stay at the airplane and other west. Yeah. He she had to get to that cabin. And he had to flyer in this seven. Yeah. Kristie alley jumps in a car with the kids. And is there in an hour. Yeah. What do you understand where is this place? It's did one of them. Go through did the car that Kirstie Alley's in go through a wormhole. Yes. Get there faster than that you missed in the first two movies. There are portals there. There are portals in this. Also, this is a full-sized. This is is alien C show. One of the best moments in the movie is the entire family Christie alley and the children will not the entire like Christie, only children are saved by rocks single Henley goes out, and he attacks he fights off this wolf and saves their lives. Yes. And gets an injury to himself at the end when they're all in the cabin. And he's injured rocks. Is there? She Christie alley only says we can keep the dog because he sits. Yeah. He sits when he's told to sit. That's the deciding factor. He saves children at the drop of a hat. Not not that. He did what she would be incapable of doing. She was saving her children. She got by the olive that wasn't enough noble because he was about them shoes. Yeah. Look, that's what she likes. She likes those shoes. There was the end of the by the way, the end of the movie is here to people both unemployed with a wrecked car and they're spending Christmas in a ranger station. This is not a happy ending is like I do think. She also emotionally abused these kids. She keeps on telling them that it's Christmas even that Santa's going to come deliver presence there. How? He'll. Well, I mean, I think that she was going to have this presence where were the presence in the camp. Yeah. But she didn't get back to that cat. You mean at the end of the movie in the ranger's cabin. You mean? I think she was just going to she was planning to just give them Rangers gear deal stuff from his show, wrapping up a kerosene lamp, you always wanted to be Here's you. the alley and John Travolta going to kill that ranger. And they're going to live in that way. Where was that ranger the judge Volta enters in with oddly placed snow on that one. White spray paint. Yeah. And then the Rangers never seen again. He goes, wait look at this..

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