Trafficking In Human Beings, United States, Africa discussed on Black History in Two Minutes


Enslaved shipped to the americas since the spanish arrived in the early fifteen hundreds europeans purchase slaves along the coast the west and central africa the chain captives were forced onto ships destined to the new world for the long and brutal voyage known as the middle passage conditions on the ships. Were indescribably inhumane. The enslaved africans weren't treated as human beings they retreated like cargo men and women shackled together stacked on top of each other. There was a process known as tight packing where you literally had slave trading scientists who tried to figure out the maximum way to squeeze many human beings as possible into the holds of the ships incredibly about twelve point. Five million africans were shipped to the new world between fifteen twenty five and eighteen. Sixty six about fifteen percent didn't survive the journey four centuries of trafficking in human beings and over the course of that time we're talking about millions of souls involved and millions of souls lost and yet people endured and yet they survive. The overwhelming majority went to destinations. Other than north america of the twelve point. Five million africans shipped to the new world is slaves. It's estimated about four hundred and fifty thousand landed on our shores while a law passed by congress in eighteen o eight banned the trans atlantic slave trade. Thousands of slaves are estimated to have been smuggled into our country up to the civil war by eighteen. Sixty be enslaved population in the united states had grown to about four million people a staggering number. And you consider that. The national population at the time was thirty. One million. the horrors of slavery in the united states would persist until eighteen. Sixty five when following the end of the civil war thirteen th amendment was ratified with the repercussions of institutional slavery are still being felt to this day. As african americans continue to fight for equal rights. And for the right to be heard.

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