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Cathy, Walker KOA, NewsRadio close up on the heels of Bahia mean city, I wanna see this as well. And plus I didn't get Joe Edgerton who the actors gonna be playing. This is going to be very really goodness. I think we're gonna see a lot of these history of rock and roll movies, come out gonna make us feel old and say gosh, now they're doing movies on these icons say about me and my Jedi movie. So they feel it can't now every six fifteen talking Broncos. We already know you're old thank your morning to for, you know, I couldn't let that go. Yeah. How about the Broncos making some news on a couple of fronts. They agree to a one year reworked deal with cornerback, Chris Harris junior who will be UC health training center today for OT as as those resume Harris junior Greece to that contract of just over twelve million dollars a raise of about three mil- over what he was due to earn this year. More on the new contract, right there on the KOA Facebook page and our Broncos. Insider, Mike Klis joins us at seven eleven this morning, longtime Broncos director sports medicine. Stephen to Napa Lous will be the gentleman who presents owner. Pat Bowlen at the hall of fame induction ceremony in canton. Ohio in August and Napoli told Dave Logan and Susie wargin, yesterday. It's the opportunity of a lifetime. So privilege to be able to do this vote support me the great honor that he's getting out of this. That is so port this to be a part of that. It's just very emotional Greek was on Lewis and Logan yesterday on KOA been very close friends over the years with Mr. bolan, and you can hear more of his remarks on the KOA Facebook pages well, free agent. Defensive lineman. Gerald McCoy is making the rounds. He's a free agent after the bucks released him last week, he visited Cleveland on Friday. No deal struck. But the Browns reportedly still in contention to sign him. He visited with the ravens yesterday now that visit with Baltimore's extending into today. Rockies outlast the rain and they beat the Diamondbacks. Chorus field six to, to make two straight over the snakes, Chris, Ed broke a to Taiwa with a two run Homer in the seventh Ryan McMahon doubled. In a couple of runs to pad the lead in the eighth. Antonio Senzatela was pretty good. He gave up. Two runs in six innings of work and manager, bud. Black liked it. GM's. He got the pitcher a couple of times with guys on base. That was that was big. You know, I thought since had a better breaking ball. The day we've seen the last few starts. So that's a good sign early in the game. I thought the philosophy was up just a tick. That's a good sign. Rockies have won four of five and they're just one under five hundred now game three of the series tonight at six on KOA. We're still waiting and waiting. And waiting for the NBA finals to begin one more day. It starts tomorrow in Toronto is the.

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