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It definitely doesn't have any plutonium in it all and then later on after this deal. They also received a bunch of older oil tankers. Which they they partnered with a norwegian company to est to lease out oil tankers to companies. So they beat to get into oil shipping for pepsi for bebis. I like to imagine that. For niche the niche logo on the side of the oil tanker goes. So i hope so. I really hope so. So because of this these deals at these these ships the company doubled the amount of bottling plants in the ussr and they kept getting at this point they They had the sixth sixth largest navy on the planet. The peppis fleet epa sweet. The niche the sleet so. I just love that that that line right there into this entire story was did you know perez had once had the sixth largest navy in the world. So god like okay. Well i got a fact check. That looks legit. Their policies in in that navy were. Don't ask don't tell whether you prefer coker bevis. Don't drink soda. Because the submarines keep getting sticky..

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