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Of connects at 17 past the hour, you will be able to hear classic moments as you just did. Hollywood stars some of the voices of panics over the years. Next hour coming up dramas and a shift to the disc Jockey era and form or on our 1/100 anniversary. Just Goto OK next 10 70 dot com slash 100. That's where you'll be able to see pictures of our history. Classic audio from the stations passed and part of our Siri's celebrating Can x a century of excellence. Anything that you might have missed here on the air? You can pick up right there on the Web site. Check your money news right now. Here's Gregg Jarrett. How many malls are there in your area? How many will there be this time next year with 1000. Moles in this country is not inconceivable that we could see a TTE least half maybe 80% of them shut up. Scott Crow, chief investment strategist at Center Square Investment Management, says it's simple math moles collecting about 20 to 25% of the rent that's particularly vulnerable or so called B level malls, Green Street Advisors say. One clear way to think about it is a beam all would be, say, the third best mall in a five mall town. Starwood Capital Founder and chief executive officer, Barry Sternlicht says the combo of the pandemic and amazon dot com was the final straw for the mall. Pandemic isn't Amazon was a pandemic to retail? Shoppin for side predictions. Money is 25,000 stores could close in the U. S. This year, mostly in malls. We check your money a 2050 after each hour. I'm Bloomberg's Gregg Jarrett for KO. Next 10 70 NewsRadio. Hey, annex covering the news in Southern California for 100 years 2018 at 1 30. These lists are still here, so it just went really quick fell by 2 to 30 was done. I just sold the house. I was in escrow. I saw it. It went into extra last week. It's been hard for four months from all because she lost her husband three months ago. We were just praying. Hi. It's Jamie Progresses. Employee.

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